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Thread: FreshForex - - Best promotions for traders!

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    Have not received your gift from "FreshForex"?

    Dear traders!

    We remind you that you still can participate in the holiday marathon of "FreshForex". Visit our holiday page and choose one of 6 available promotions!
    Please pay attention that some of the offers expire in the nearest days:

    Leverage 1:1000
    16th of October is the last day when requests for increase of credit leverage up to 1:1000 are accepted. Hurry up, the number of participants is limited!

    First aid
    All those who trade on demo account can get a gift from "FreshForex" till 17 of October. Switch from demo account to real, deposit and send us a request to get your "First aid" package: three helpful indicators.

    Lucky partnership
    We present each new partner of "FreshForex" a ready-to-go website and assistance in its promotion. Register partner account, verify personal data and send us a request with subject “Website as a gift”.

    You also can take part in the following promotions:
    +10% to "Spreads in half"
    Rebate for PAMM managers
    Bonus for subscription

    You will find detailed terms and instructions for participants on the page "10 years — 10 promotions".

    Wish you success in trading!
    "FreshForex" – fresh view on money

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    Fund “Investment” account without commission!

    Dear traders!

    We are glad to inform you that now you can fund “Investment” account in “Flagman Invest” PAMM platform without broker's commission. Investments with “FreshForex” became even more gainful!

    Funding of “Investment” account grants each user of “Flagman Invest” with three benefits at once:
    • - Broker's commission is 0%;
    • - 19 available payment options;
    • - The most popular and affordable payment systems including: Paypal, Skrill, Visa/Mastercard

    Usually brokers charge deposit commission from 2 to 5%. Save these funds just by choosing the innovative PAMM platform from “FreshForex”!
    You can check available payment options and funding instructions on the special page of our website.

    Wish you success in trading!
    "FreshForex" – fresh view on money

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    How much can you earn on volatile contracts?

    Dear traders!
    Are you interested with the contracts which have a high volatility? For your special benefit, we have prepared the pageillustrating potential of these contracts.
    You won't need more than a couple of minutes to make sure: the return on highly volatile contracts is indeed higher than the return on major currency pairs. Just select a trading period and the contracts you are interested in to see this difference!
    More than 60 contracts with different rate of return are available for your comparison:
    • 7 major pairs
    • 24 minor currency pairs
    • 17 exotic currency pairs
    • 9 contracts on indexes
    • 4 metals
    • 2 types of energy suppliers

    Pay attention that the most part of these contracts are elegible in the "Sale of spreads" promo. You can start trading right now and save on spread up to half as much!
    Wish you success in trading!
    "FreshForex" – fresh view on money

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    The EUR keeps strengthening to Dollar

    The euro rose against the dollar on Friday. It was supported by the Germany’s consumer climate optimistic data, although the US jobless claims released on Thursday, continue to stimulate the dollar demand.

    The dollar was supported by technical factors, the USA economy news as well as the US inflation dynamics statistics expectations. After the recent Fed minutes which indicated the negative effects from the dollar revaluation traders again tried to correct the greenback.

    Trading recommendations

    We advise to short with the first target - 1.2580. After fixing below the first target, the level 1.2500 will become the next one.

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    Estimate benefits of Visa/Mastercard (Pasta Banka)!

    Dear traders!

    We are glad to inform you that now you can deposit to your account with the help of Visa/Mastercard (Pasta Banka). Financial operations with “FreshForex” became even quicker and safer!

    One of the advantages of this deposit method is the application of IFRAME widget enabling to fund account for couple of minutes without redirection to payment gateway website. Widget works in all browsers and operates in mobile devices. Funds transfer is made through the European bank, which ensures a prompt and safe implementation of financial operations.

    New deposit method is available to all clients of the company with verified personal data. Check “Deposit and withdrawal” – “Instruction on deposit through Visa/Mastercard (Pasta Banka)” section of the website to find detailed terms.

    Wish you success in trading!
    "FreshForex" – fresh view on money

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    $150 000 for masters and bonus 25% for investors!

    Dear traders!

    We are glad to inform you that from 1 to 28 of November we will be holding a new superb contest - “Best Flagman Invest Master”! Not only Masters will receive prizes, but investors will get their share as well!

    Are you successful in your fund management business? Demonstrate masterful trading on your Master account and obtain investment from “FreshForex” as your reward!
    • prize fund of the contest is increased in 15 times — up to $150 000
    • number of winning places grew up to 20
    • prize amount is up to $50 000 for the first place
    • 25% from raised investments to the most popular contestant

    Looking for lucrative revenue options? Take part in “Best investor” contest and obtain bonus +25% to invested funds!

    From 1 to 23 of November you can invest in favourites of the contest on the most beneficial terms and generate even more profit:

    • 0% commission for assignment of funds
    • 0% early withdrawal penalty
    • threshold is just $100

    Are you ready to participate in main contest of 2014 year?

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    "Bonus 101%" promotion has been extended for two more months!

    Dear traders!

    We are glad to inform you that a popular "Bonus 101%" promotion has been extended till January 15, 2014! Get a double filling for your deposit from "FreshForex"!

    "Bonus 101%" means three benefits at once which will help you to start a profitable trading:
    • Up to $5 000 to trading account
    The more amount of your deposit is, the better bonus amount you will get.
    • Several bonuses at once
    Participants of the promo get not only +101% on their first deposit, but also receive +33% to the second and further deposits!
    • Can withdraw from account

    Each participant who meets requirements of the promo plan can transfer bonus credit into the "Balance" column of account.

    You can find more details of the offer on the promotional page.
    Wish you success in trading!
    "FreshForex" – fresh view on money

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    How to get up to $ 10 from each lot?

    Dear traders!

    Do you know how to earn extra profit weekly? The answer is simple - join the "Spreads in half" promo!
    "FreshForex" Rebate - is $5 per each profitable lot and $10 per each failing lot.
    Choose the option which suits you the best and trade with a comfort:
    • - get compensation at the end of every week
    • - withdraw money and use it for trading without any restrictions
    • - change rebate model to get a better profit

    For example, you've chosen "Spreads in half" model for profitable trades. Your trading is successful and weekly volume is 6 lots. As a result, at the end of the week you get textra $30, which you can use for trading either withdraw from your account.
    Please pay attention that promotion expires on November 30. Join "Spreads in half" right now to enjoy all the advantages of a smart spread rebate!

    Wish you success in trading!
    "FreshForex" – fresh view on money

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    Fresh Forex news - a new feature of your terminal!

    Dear traders!

    From now on, the most important and vital news of the Forex market can now be found inMetaTrader 4 terminal. Stay informed about all events!

    News is carefully selected before the release and the terminal renders only the most interesting information on the language you've set:

    - analytical reviews on specific contracts and market in general
    - reviews of the latest books dedicated to finances and online trading
    - economic events in your country and the world
    - relevant digests
    - articles about design and application of trading robots

    To read news, it is enough for you to press a relevant tab in the bottom bar of MetaTrader 4. The terminal shows titles, what you need to do is to select the news or article you are interested in. Use the new service and receive fresh information in time!

    Wish you success in trading!
    "FreshForex" – fresh view on money

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    How clients of “FreshForex” company traded in October

    Dear traders!

    October was one of the most suitable month for active trading. How did clients of "FreshForex" use upsurge of market volatility?

    Trading results accomplished in October:

    Over the last month the highest growth of deposit was 870%. This result was achieved by a participant of the "Welcome bonus" promotion, he showed a great trade, after having received a prize of $20.

    The highest number of transactions made was 1766. It is worth noting that this trader did not use trading expert advisors and was working solely with AUDUSD pair.

    The best result of the month was the profit in the amount of $132,827.

    67% transactions were profitable.

    What happened in the financial markets?

    - 0.83% Strong US GDP data along with weak releases on inflation in Spain and Germany had put united European currency to test the annual low. GBP/USD -1.33% Compression of inflationary pressures in the UK forced the Bank of England to refrain from tightening of monetary policy.

    +2.44% The Bank of Japan increased its stimulus program in October, now the monetary base will increase by 80 trillion yen per year. This background allowedl Bullish rally to start, allowed the pair to finish the month with a positive result.

    +2.45% Positive corporate releases and macroeconomic statistics, the soft rhetoric of the Federal Reserve regarding monetary policy - all these reasons forced growth of the American stock market.

    -2.91% Low inflation expectations in the world's leading economies is the main factor that puts pressure on the XAU/USD pair and promotes a strong sale of "yellow metal."

    You can learn the additional information in the "Statistics of our work" section of our web-site.

    Wish you success in trading!
    "FreshForex" – fresh view on money

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