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Thread: FreshForex - - Best promotions for traders!

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    Trade with "FreshForex" on the new level!

    Dear traders!

    From*November, 17*"FreshForex" starts to cooperate with one of the most prominent and reliable hosting providers of Europe. It allows to improve quality of order execution to a significant extent and make trading even more comfortable.

    This transfer will be performed on*November 16*from 3 am to 2 pm, GMT. In this regard, short intervals in the work of trading servers, our website and other services may take place.

    A new trading week will be opened in its due time and as early as in uts beginnig you will be able to enjoy all advantages of the innovation.

    Wish you success in trading!*
    "FreshForex" – fresh view on money

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    How to raise your investments up to 25%?

    Dear traders!

    We remind you that only*3 days*are left before the end of the*"Best Investor" contest. Be on time to take part in it and get bonus*+25%*to the invested funds!
    To take part in the contest, it is only enough for you to choose one or several participants and invest the amount from*$100in their accounts. If the Master chosen by you will take the first place in the Masters contest, you will get not only profit but investor's bonus as well.

    Whom of Masters shall be tracked by investors?


    For the last 3 weeks this Master has made around 300 trades and success rate among them is 60%. Master trading with the Japanese Yen brought him more than*700 profit points*and made him the leader. Make your own offer to this Master and start investing right now!


    For the last 3 weeks this Master has raised his capital for*25%, whereas the max. drawdown did not exceed 20%. Offer to this Master is one of the most profitable and perfectly suits beginning investors.
    More details about the contest can be found on*the special page of our website. In the "Investors" section of "Flagman Invest" website you will find opportunities provided by the platform.

    Wish you success in trading!*
    "FreshForex" – fresh view on money

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    6 reasons to become VIP client of "FreshForex" company

    Dear traders!

    Do you want to trade on the most profitable terms? Enter*"GoldMan"*premium club*and estimate all benefits of top-class trading!

    What is the benefit of each member of "FreshForex" VIP club?

    1.*0%*commission on deposit and withdrawal of funds - these are the most profitable terms for operation with large amounts.

    2. Volume of positions and number of lots is*not limited, so you get the best possible opportunities for a profitable trading.

    3. In the end of each month,*6%*of interest per annum is credited on free funds of your account! Even if there is no trading activity, deposit brings you the profit!

    4. Trading*without the terminal*- it is only enough to contact our dealing support to open or close a trading transaction.

    5.*Dedicated Vip line*for prompt consultations of support service.

    6.*FreshForex Master Card*for prompt and comfortable processing of all financial transactions.

    On the special page*of our website you will find the terms of enrolling "GoldMan" premium club. Join the club and trade with a comfort!

    Wish you success in trading!*
    "FreshForex" – fresh view on money

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    3 reasons to open Swap Free accounts in FreshForex

    Dear trades!
    We are glad to inform you that a new option is available for you now -*Swap Free*or Islamic account. Trade without swaps and obtain even more profit!

    What makes Swap Free advantageous?

    commission $5 per 1 lot
    Special terms: one of the lowest commissions on the market including metals and energies.
    *fixed costs on long-term trading

    Swap is tied to the interest rates and upon a rollover a significant amount can be deducted from deposit. Working on Swap Free account, you may prepare your plan on costs in advance.
    complies with the Shariah

    According to the religious laws, Muslim traders are not allowed to pay or receive swap. With Islamic accounts, you are no longer restricted by this rule, because swap is changed to fixed commission.
    You can find more details about Swap Free service and instruction on its activation*on our website.
    Please pay attention that relevant changes were made in 4.10 and 4.11 of the “Client agreement”. New version of the “Client agreement” is available in “Documents” section of the website.
    Wish you success in trading!*
    "FreshForex" - fresh view on money

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    "Black Friday" with "FreshForex"!

    Dear clients!

    We offer you to spend "Black Friday" with "FreshForex"! Till*November 30*trade volatile instruments under our promo "Sale of spreads" and pay up to half the spread!

    The last week many traders had been watching European stock market. It is not a surpise, cause index #DAX30 was one of the leaders and it added*+5.90%. With the

    "Sale of spreads" promo, you could not only receive profit on this instrument, but also cut your expenses on this contract for*50%.

    To take part in the "Sale of spreads" promo, it is only enough for you to open trades on volatile istruments from*10 am to 3 pm, GMT.

    You may find details on the instruments and spreads*on the page of the promo.
    Be in time to take part!

    Wish you success in trading!*
    "FreshForex" – fresh view on money

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    "Spead in half" promotion*has been extended for 3 more months!

    Dear traders!

    We are glad to inform you that "Spead in half" promotion*has been extended till*February 28*of 2015 year. Use smart rebate from “FreshForex” and get more benefit from trading! Common spread rebate is the fixed accrual for any trades no matter what result of trade is.
    We offer you innovative solutions:*$5*per each lot of profitable trader either*$10*per each loss-making trade.

    How to participate in the promotion?
    1.*Open account of Classic type and confirm personal data.*
    2.*Activate the promotion*in the Personal area*
    3. Choose your option - spread rebate for profitable either loss-making trade.*
    4. Each week receive payouts and use them for trading without limits!

    Please pay attention that you can change*rebate scheme*each week.*
    It will help you to benefit from any trading situation, no matter what result of trade is!*

    Wish you success in trading!
    "FreshForex" – fresh view on money

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    Which offers of "FreshForex" company can I use to improve trading?

    Dear forum members!

    We would like to offer you a short digest of releases of “FreshForex” company so that you could avail from the most profitable offers.

    Premium trading

    Do you want to trade on the most profitable terms? Enter "GoldMan" premium cluband estimate all benefits of top-class trading

    Statistics for managers and investors

    Just open Master account without setting active offers and use it for your regular trading operations.

    Advanced statistical data will help you to conduct deeper analysis, adjust and improve your trading strategy.

    Swap Free accounts are now available in “FreshForex”

    You can find more details about Swap Free service and instruction on its activation on our website.

    "Black Friday" with "FreshForex"

    Till November 30 trade volatile instruments under our promo "Sale of spreads" and pay up to half the spread!

    Auto call service

    Let us remind you that in case of delay of SMS confirmation you can always order “Auto call”. It helps you to get confirmation code in the moment to continue you comfortable work with “FreshForex”.

    Insure your deposit or enjoy smart rebate

    We are glad to inform you that “Insurance against deposit” plan has been extended for one more month (till December 31) and "Spead in half" promotion has been extended till February 28 of 2015 year.

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    Insurance from “FreshForex” protects your deposit!

    Dear traders!
    We are glad to inform you that “Insurance against deposit” plan has been extended for one more month and is valid tillDecember 31 of 2014. Activate this plan and receive successful protection from loss-making trades!
    Thanks to this plan, you can return up to 100% of deposit under the occasion of Stop Out. To become its participant, you are only required to activate “Insurance against deposit” in the Personal area and deposit the amount from $500.
    We offer you unique terms:
    • up to 5 insurance payouts to one account;
    • the biggest amount of one-time payouts – up to $2500;
    • absolutely each deposit is accounted

    You have another month to estimate advantages of the unique “Insurance against deposit” plan.
    Detailed terms and more information about its benefits can be found on the page of the promotion.

    Wish you success in trading!
    "FreshForex" – fresh view on money

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    Who won $50 000 from “FreshForex”?

    Dear traders!

    An open championship on investment management from “FreshForex” has come to the end and we are ready to announce its winners!
    The keen struggle has led 9 contestants to the victory.

    They met all requirements and will receive the decent awars – up to $50 000 in management.

    Provider —1 place
    Katana – 2 place
    Saibot – 3 place
    Sam – 4 place
    True – 5 place
    Pinta – 6 place
    ALEX222 – 7 place
    Kaya – 8 place
    Pobeda – 9 place

    Additional nomination - “Popular Master” — Saibot

    The championship was also held among investors of “Flaman Invest” platform. Many contestants invested in successful Masters who demonstrated excellent performance and took prize places. Only one investor guessed a future winner, but he deposited to account when the contest was already over. We thank everybody who took part in Master and Investors contest.

    We wish you comfortable and profitable work in “Flaman Invest” PAMM platform! If you have not the chance to take part in the championship from “FreshForex” - stay current about our news. We will certainly hold a lot of fascinating and beneficial contests!

    Wish you success in trading!
    "FreshForex" – fresh view on money

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    Be on time to double your deposit prior to NPF release!

    Dear traders!

    Let us remind you that the second half of the week is eventful and will impact US dollar and Euro. Benefit from volatility and "Bonus 101%" offer from "FreshForex" to get an extra profit!
    The calendar of the most significant events

    Date and release time Event
    December 4, 12:00 GMT Bank of England decides on the principle interest rate
    December 4, 12:45 GMT EUCB decides on the principle interest rate
    December 4, 13:30 GMT Regular monthly conference of EUCB chief
    December 5, 13:30 GMT Non-Farm Payrolls

    You can link your account to "Bonus 101%" plan right now, deposit and prepare to a successful entering to the market. You will find more information about coming market events using our Forex trading calendar.

    Wish you success in trading!
    "FreshForex" – fresh view on money

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