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Thread: FreshForex - - Best promotions for traders!

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    Get anti-crisis bonus of $30!

    Dear clients!

    Where can you invest money till China and the EU are threatened by crisis? Tell us about the methods of capital maintenance and*get a $30 bonus*for a trading account!

    All the February we expect you to write about investment in unstable economy in the framework of "bonus for an article". What can you write?

    How to keep your money in a crisis;
    What investment options are the most reliable and profitable now;
    What currency should people keep their savings;

    Please note that the article should correspond to the requirements of the "bonus for an article" promo:

    Should be*above 2 000 symbols*without account of space gaps
    Should have at least*90% uniqueness.

    The detailed terms can be found on promo page. Take part and get bonus for successful trading!

    Wish you good luck in trading!
    "FreshForex" – fresh view on money

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    797% increase — just in two weeks!

    Dear traders!

    January has come to an end, and we were glad to tell you about the first successes of FreshForex traders in 2015. Who showed the highest increase in the account? How many trades did scalping master make?

    Trading results:

    797%*- Increase of deposit made by the most successful trader. He spent 2 weeks for it and traded without any advisers.
    1187*trades per month - the result of the most active company client.
    $102 690*- best result of January. The trader was able to achieve such profits by virtue of successful trading with #Brent and Japanese yen pairs.
    66%— the successful trades rate of our clients
    Financial markets in January:

    XAU/USD +8.38%
    Bank of Switzerland has announced the non-intervention in EURCHF, which caused in instability of foreign exchange market and capital flight to the "safe assets". It led to steady demand for gold and the pair grew at 8.38%

    DAX30 +8.77%
    CAC40 +7.91%

    ECB decision on the realization of the QE program supported the demand for the Old World stock markets, which caused in increase in DAX30 and CAC40 at 8.77% and 7.91%, respectively.

    WTI -10.98%
    The United States continues to increase oil production, which negatively affects the WTI oil, which by the end of the month lost 10.98%. EUR/USD -6.75% In January, the ECB sent the EURUSD pair to a knockout - a decision on realization of the quantitative easing program to fight deflation led to a 6.75% decrease.

    GBP/USD -3.38%
    Deflationary illness is approaching to the UK shores - it is a low inflation which made sales of GBPUSD and at the end of the month the pair lost 3.38%.

    USD/JPY -1.87%
    Japanese growth in net export and industrial production on the background of the domestic currency devaluation made bears to open short positions of USDJPY and at the end of the month the pair lost 1.87%.

    How much could you earn on the rise or fall of these quotations? You can calculate easily using the calculator on a special page of our site!

    Wish you good luck in trading!
    "FreshForex" – fresh view on money

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    50% discount on spread of your favorite pairs!

    Feel our love on your account!

    Dear traders!
    You want to reduce your costs in twice on put and call option and get much profit, don’t you? «Freshforex» presents this opportunity to our favorite traders in the context of new useful promo!

    “14 favorite pairs” promo is:
    Spread discount up to 50%

    Brokers usually return just a part of spread, whereas cut your costs in half!

    Highly volatile instruments

    We cut spreads on highly volatile instruments instruments and allow you to earn more. For example, if you bought 4.25 lots of Brent oil last week, you could make*$ 26,617*just in 7 days!

    The most popular pairs and contracts

    It is incredible, but true - last year 27% of «FreshForex» traders completely abandoned trading with EURUSD, and another 53% traded with volatile instruments along with majors. We have chosen the most popular pairs and contracts of FreshForex traders for this promo.

    To take part in the "14 favorite pairs" promo, it is only enough to open trades on volatile istruments*from 9 am to 1 pm, GMT. Offer is open*only for 2 weeks*- be in time*to take part!

    Wish you good luck in trading!
    "FreshForex" – fresh view on money

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    Now the company is offering an excellent deal with a bonus of up to 35%. I hope there is no limit to the number of replenishment?

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    Success of traders of FreshForex company in February

    Situation of financial market in February:

    Disease of deflation on Euro zone is getting stronger which presses*EUR/USD. In the end of the February, the main currency pair of the*Forex marketlost*1.02%.

    Decrease of unemployment and growth of salaries in the UK encourages bulls to open long positions with*GBP/USD, which added*2.3%*by the end of the month.

    Positive Non-Farm Payroll in the USA was the main driver for the pair*USD/JPY, which quotes grew by*2.17%*in the end of February.

    Short positions on oil were closed which was a positive fact for*Brent*and in February this oil sort added as much as*18.8%.

    Deflation is trying to hit Great Britain and USA which made investors to get rid of*XAU/USD*in the last month of winter. In February cost of this metal lost*5.4%.

    US inflation is decreasing and Fed Reserve is not going to toughen its policy in the nearest time. In this regard, bulls focused on the US stock market and promoted*S&P500*index to a new High in February. By the end of the month, a leading stock indicator in the world added*5.32%.

    Wish you good luck in trading!*
    "FreshForex" – fresh view on money

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    Quote Originally Posted by amagerro View Post
    Now the company is offering an excellent deal with a bonus of up to 35%. I hope there is no limit to the number of replenishment?
    Sure, there is no any limits.

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    Fund your account with the help of "Perfect Money"!

    Dear traders!

    Recently, one of the proactive VIP traders of our company offered us to include "Perfect Money" system into the list of payment methods. You offered and our business is to implement your offer, enjoy the result!

    Three important reasons to choose "Perfect Money":
    We charge no fee for depositing!
    1 USD — is the minimum deposit amount;

    The maximum funding amount — 2 000 USD which is the best deposit to start with!
    If you use this payment system to fund your account, you can withdraw to your "Perfect Money" wallet either by a wire transfer.

    Check our manual*to find more information about this payment system.
    Wish you good luck in trading!*
    "FreshForex" – fresh view on money

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    Get ready for incredible bonus! We give you 500$ to test “FreshForex”!

    Dear traders!

    Do you want to check how good*“FreshForex” broker is? Go ahead: we give*$500*to every new client to test-drive trading terms and speed of execution!

    Just make*three steps*to take part in the outstanding “Test-drive” promo and get a simply huge bonus on your account! With the best traditions of “FreshForex”, this promotion gives you unmatched and useful benefits:

    - Trade using this bonus for two weeks: it is quite enough to assess our trading terms even if you prefer a position trading!

    - Make profit with the help of the bonus and withdraw it!

    - Use $500 to trade on any type of account including a superfast ECN!

    Even without funding your account, with the help of “Test-drive” bonus, you'll be able to make sure that “FreshForex” provides superior trading terms. Get*$500,*trade and make profit with us!

    Wish you good luck in trading!*
    "FreshForex" – fresh view on money

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    Default No deposit bonus FreshForex 500$!

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    "Battle for Profit" is going for real

    Dear traders!

    Passions are runing high around the "Battle for Profit" contest: a fight for prize fund in the amount of*50 000 USDis going for real!

    Despite the contest has only been taking place for just 10 days, top three Masters have already reached growth of*300%. Competitiveness, the foretaste of profit, expectation to win a main prize in the amount*25 000 USD*— are the emotions each contestant is feeling now.

    Join us*and show what reals knights of the Forex markets can do! Trade on ECN accounts, apply EAs and don't forget about volatile instruments: you've got everything to be the top Master and become a winner.
    There are only two weeks to take part, hurry up!

    Wish you good luck in trading!
    "FreshForex" – fresh view on money

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