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    TenkoFX Company welcomes You and happy to inform about our thread on this website

    Established in 2012, we have come to the international Forex market in just one year due to our unique products, which make your transactions in Forex market easy and profitable.

    Our main priority is customers and partners. This is what our corporate philosophy is based on. Therefore, the main task of TENKOFX is to meet the needs of our every customer and partner, regardless of their references. Every day a professional team of experienced managers makes every effort to meet your needs. By offering you conditions necessary for a long-term beneficial cooperation, we help you turn your performance on financial markets into a stable and profitable business. Each of our team members contributes to your success. TENKOFX is committed to sustainable development because it understands that Forex is not just a hobby, but a stable source of income helping achieve the goals.

    TenkoFx is a Broker providing the services on the basis of financial service provider license FSPR (New Zeland)
    FSP number: FSP309946

    TenkoFX Company is offering the following trading conditions:

    Standard (MT4)

    Minimum Deposit: 10 usd
    Commission: No broker commission
    Leverage: from 1:1 to 1:500
    Margin call / Stop Out: 50% / 25%
    Minimal lot: 0.01
    Lot incremental: 0.01

    ECN (MetaTrader)

    Minimum Deposit: 100 usd
    Commission: 4 USD per 1 Lot
    Leverage: from 1:1 to 1:200
    Margin call / Stop Out: 60% / 30%
    Minimal lot: 0.10
    Lot incremental: 0.10

    ECN (cTrader)

    Minimum Deposit: 100 usd
    Commission: 35 USD per 1 mln USD volume
    Leverage: from 1:1 to 1:200
    Margin call / Stop Out: 100% / 50%
    Minimal lot: 0.10
    Lot incremental: 0.10


    A continuous search for new solutions and improvement of existing developments made us breakthrough to the new level and offer our clients the services they need most to get on the road to profitable and successful trading.

    - ECN PAMM Account with Verified PAMM Trader
    PAMM ratings are a transparent display of trading manager performance and the results of each PAMM account.

    - Partnership Develpment is our number one priority
    Join one of our lucrative partnership programs to boost your income and build your customer base, wherever you do business. your income is in your hands: take control and make it grow.

    - Tenko'DESK
    Whether you are a trader, investor, manager or partner, TenkoDESK is your convenient and accessible interactive workspace.

    - Tenko'Watch
    Seems a common support service just like the services offered by other brokers. But actually it is a fully integrated solution for our clients.

    Sincerely, TenkoFX

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    Choose traders who fit your individual investment objectives and risk profile. Evaluate performance and trading risks based on transparent, up-to-date statistical data.

    PAMM is your opportunity to make rewarding Forex and CFD investments without spending time mastering the skills needed to attain high returns on your capital. To make an investment simply review the PAMM account ratings and select a successful trader whose profile matches your trading goals and risk tolerance level. Once you invest in a PAMM account the manager will trade on your behalf and you will pay them a percentage of your profits as compensation for their work.


    • Follow the steps below to become a PAMM investor:
    • Register for your TenkoDESK account: your personalised desktop workstation.
    • Decide how much you want to invest and transfer it to your Money Box through your TenkoDESK account.
    • Evaluate the PAMM account ratings and choose the PAMM account with the most attractive performance and investment terms. Verify that the account is available for investment (i.e. that the PAMM account has an active public investment offer).
    • Click the "Invest" button, read the Regulating Documents and follow the instructions to confirm your investment. A confirmation letter containing registration details will be sent to the email address you provide when you register for your TenkoDESK account.

    That is Easy

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