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    One Million in Two Weeks with InstaForex!

    InstaForex always provides you with the latest updates on international market events as well as company's news. Today we would like to tell you about an exceptional situation. Despite its originality, it demonstrates the unique opportunities you can get on exchange market. Recently, one of our clients Akhmad Arief made the daydream of millions of traders real. After two weeks of active trading, he managed to increase his start-up capital up to $1,000,000!
    This story began when Akhmad opened his $1,000 trading account with InstaForex in the beginning of July. During two weeks he was trading such currency pairs as GBP/USD and EUR/USD. Nobody expected that he could become a millionaire by the middle of the month using risk strategy!
    "We have never seen such trading before and will hardly see soon. Even in conversion to the working days the yield was 100% per day during 10 days in a row. The profit volume is astonishing as well as the length of such win-win and risk strategy as the client used all the money on his account for the next deal. But every time lady luck was on his side," - Aleksey Badjyanov says, representative of the Dealing Department.
    The chart shows the balance of #2065757 live trading account. Within the first two weeks of July, the account holder earned over one million US dollars with the initial deposit slightly more than one thousand US dollars. Eventually, the account balance was running $1162092.42. The second half of July appeared to be far less successful for the customer: he lost all his profit.

    INSTAFOREX COMPANY NEWS-one_million_chart_instaforex-jpg

    Having earned $1,000,000, Akhmad decided not to stop. However, Forex market is known to be very unsteady due to frequent oscillations and change of trend directions. Successful deals were followed by deals opened against the trend direction which led to profit loss.
    Of course, foregone million disappointed the trader. However, Akhmad is not in despair and is already planning to win again. For him, as for many other traders, this situation was indicative of endless possibilities on exchange market which proved that one can make up a fortune out of modest capital! Nevertheless, it is important to benefit from the achieved results and also not to be affected by the astounding success.

    INSTAFOREX COMPANY NEWS-million_with_instaforex-jpg
    Interview with Mr. Ahmad Ariff

    InstaForex: How long have you been working on Forex?
    Ahmad Ariff: About 5 years, starting from 2007 until now. Before, I used another platform with another trading system (different from MT4) that limited me to less money I could earn. Then my friend recommended me InstaForex that used MT4, so I can trade higher trading volumes.
    InstaForex: It’s a dream of every trader. How did you manage to make fortune from such a small initial deposit?
    Ahmad Ariff: Depends on the graf (high-recommended to sell, low-recommended to buy), besides, I used Forex trading signal, RSI, PPO, stochastic, technical analysis, and future fundamental analysis.
    InstaForex: What currency pairs have you traded?
    Ahmad Ariff: My favorites are EURUSD, GBPUSD, and AUDUSD.
    InstaForex: Why have you chosen them in particular?
    Ahmad Ariff: For me, fundamental points of these currencies are easier to read and forecast.
    InstaForex: What leverage have you chosen for trade?
    Ahmad Ariff: I start with 1:200. And I will change this parameter if I need in the Client Cabinet. This is a very attractive feature of InstaForex.
    InstaForex: Did you plan to earn such a huge amount when started trading?
    Ahmad Ariff: Of course, yes.
    InstaForex: You made a dream of million traders come true, what do you feel after losing it?
    Ahmad Ariff: Really really frustrated... I was not in front of my PC when it happened. I was engaged in outside work during that time... so I couldn't close my open position.
    InstaForex: Do you plan to repeat it and get a million back?
    Ahmad Ariff: Yes!
    InstaForex: If you succeed to make a million again, what will you spend it for?
    Ahmad Ariff: Clear all my loan, buy a new house, new car, do other investment and some charity's work.
    InstaForex: What in your opinion helps traders earn on Forex: their skills or good luck?
    Ahmad Ariff: Skills are very important, as a trader, a lot of new traders, should learn some basics, such as indicators, patterns, technical analysis, and fundamental analysis, but good of luck not all traders get it.
    InstaForex: Do you think your profit was a result of your hard work or just an accident?
    Ahmad Ariff: I've 5 years experience as a trader. It is hard to become rich with small initial deposit, but if you've a lot of money, let's say USD100,000 and more, you can rapidly earn money in short term... believe it!
    InstaForex: What will you advise the beginning traders?
    Ahmad Ariff: For new trader, please learn some basics, follow your leader, ask them why, why and why and most important is gain experience in trading.
    Competent active trading and compliance with you trading strategy make it possible for every InstaForex trader to reach the most cherished objective and add a new name to the list of the most successful traders.
    Good luck in trading with InstaForex!
    The material is prepared by InstaForex PR Department with the consent of the owner of the trading account № 2065757 Akhmad Arief. In October, in the terms of ShowFx Asia in Singapore there will be a video interview with the trader which will be published on GC InstaForex resources.

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    InstaForex Participated in IV ShowFx Asia in Singapore

    INSTAFOREX COMPANY NEWS-instaorex_singapore_2012-jpg
    Several thousands of visitors took part in 2-day exposition organized by ShowFx Asia in Singapore. Free busses were aimed to transport citizens of Shah Alam, Kuala Lumpur, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka, and Johor to this event. The exhibition took place in Marina Bay Sands Hotel and pleased its quests with high level of services provided. Both InstaForex clients and those who are interested in InstaForex world and striving to join it in order to get as much qualified assistance in trading sphere as possible, visited this exciting expo.

    Traditionally the participants could study exhibition booths of the participants and discuss them. Such experts in financial sphere as Arief Makhmor, Asri Mahmod, Matthew Chew, Thomas Saw, M. Azhanudin Kasdi, Choo Koon Lip, and Kartamn Hu took part in workshops, seminars, and trainings. Dr. Rakesh S. Rajangam, InstaForex partner and speaker, became the highlight of the exposition. He gave lectures on How to be successful in trading and The 5 types of courage for Forex market. Professor got a big hand for his report and managed to cut the ice with experienced public

    The exhibition impressed with its information value of the presented speeches as well as modern devices which were raffled off during the event. InstaForex Company has drawn two iPads while ShowFx pleased the guests with two Samsung Galaxy S3 phones. The luckiest ones got 4 certificates for $1,000 and one for $1,500 for their InstaForex accounts.

    Yet another top-level exposition took place in Singapore. InstaForex Company is grateful to ShowFx Asia, speakers, and, of course, the participants of this event.

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    InstaForex is Serving Over 1,000,000!

    INSTAFOREX COMPANY NEWS-million-instaforex-mini-en-png
    ​InstaForex Company is happy to announce that the number of company’s clients reached a landmark figure! Now more than 1,000,000 clients preferInstaForex to other companies!
    Due to our partners and clients’ dedication we always keep abreast of the times. We do everything to make your cooperation with InstaForex comfortable and fruitful. A wide range of services of high-level, trading experts, and individual approach help us to be on top of brokerage services market. Up-to-dated informational technologies, reliability, comfortable and qualified servicing allow InstaForex to create all the necessary conditions for beneficial work of both newcomers and seasoned traders.
    Success and confidence of our clients are of great importance for InstaForex. That is why we are interested in amicable collaboration based on mutual trust, honesty and commitment to reach the desired goals.
    Thank you for choosing us!

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    With InstaForex you can conquer any kind of heights!

    INSTAFOREX COMPANY NEWS-insta_balloon-jpg
    In summer 2012, InstaForex Company presented two new projects to the world Forex community — a branded airplane and an aerostat with the company’s bright logo on it.
    Gaining the recognition from hundreds of thousands of traders from all over the world yearly, InstaForex Company over and over again shows that it does deserve the statuses of the best broker in Asia and one of the leading brokers in the entire world. Both InstaForex balloon and InstaForex Airplane symbolize vertiginous heights of currency trading reachable for each of our customers and partners.
    InstaForex balloon was first launched at the trading convention in Crimea. As for InstaForex Airplane, it came around as a result of cooperation between InstaForex Company and Czech Airlines, one of Europe’s largest air companies. These two projects were designed not only to promote the garish InstaForex brand, but also to manifest how user-friendly and reliable the services offered by the Company are. Just like a balloon or a super-efficient plane whizzing up into the sky, InstaForex customers strive for new victories and accomplishments in the sphere of

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    Janko Tipsarević is New Face of InstaForex

    INSTAFOREX COMPANY NEWS-janko-letter-en-png
    InstaForex Company is happy to inform its clients that Serbian tennis player Janko Tipsarević will become the face of the company in 2013. A talanted sportsman, current World No. 8 and three-time ATP winner, shoots for the stars and steadily reaches the goals. Life principles for Janko are hard work and constantly developing. InstaForex is of one mind with the athlete as the company aims for modernization and quality improvement.

    Janko Tipsarević is an outstanding representative of Serbian male tennis players as well as erudite person and a good company. Apart from native Serbian language, Janko knows English and Russian; he is also interested in football, snowboard, and electronic music.

    Janko devoted the whole life to tennis: he started his career in the age of 6. The victory at Australian Open in 2001 marked the beginning of his junior victories. After that he won French Open, Futures Championship, and ATP Challenger. Junior success was followed by Janko’s latter triumph: he became a multiple finalists, prize winner, and champion of ATP tournaments, World Cup, Big Slam, and Davis Cup.

    Recently the sportsman gave himself a go in currency trading, having chosen InstaForex Company for this purpose. One of the reasons for Janko to choose InstaForex is the availability of such innovative services as ForexCopy and PAMM system as well as a great variety of contests. We believe that Janko will master Forex trading and win new tennis competitions.
    Towards the news goals together with InstaForex!

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    Investment Conference by ShowFX World in Sunny Anmaty

    INSTAFOREX COMPANY NEWS-instaforex_conference_almaty_2012-jpg
    On December 8, 2012 InstaForex Company participated in the financial conference of ShowFX World held in Almaty, Kazakhstan. This type of event was held in the Southern Capital, however, the number of visitors and participants could be compared to that recorded for the largest conferences arranged by the exhibition brand ShowFX World.
    The conference was attended by professional traders of the currency market as well as by newbies. The representatives of InstaForex were pleased to meet and to communicate with the active and potential customers of the company, sharing the latest innovations on Forex.
    A lively atmosphere was observed all day long. Moreover, a particular interest was evoked by the speeches of specially invited analysts from the InstaForex team: Anatoly Khegay, Olga Dudukalova, Nadezhda Zhizhko, Sergey Belyaev, and Oleg Khmelevskoy, who dwelled upon their experience of working on the currency market as well as answered all questions of guests regarding the subjects of the speeches and the Forex trading theme on the overall.
    Traditionally, the company arranged a lottery with such prizes as modern devices and money-certificates from InstaForex. The luckiest guests won iPhone, iPad and two $500 certificates.
    InstaForex is grateful to all visitors, organizers and participants of the event, and hopes that the meeting held in the finance centre of Kazakhstan, has become a start of an annual tradition.

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    The number of InstaForex customers exceeds 500 000

    INSTAFOREX COMPANY NEWS-500000_clients_img_en-jpg
    The sixth year of work brought InstaForex international broker another landmark figure: 500 000 traders from various countries of the world have registered accounts with the Company. Such an achievement is crucially important and remarkable for any organization, regardless of its specialization. This result has been achieved by InstaForex team by working hard every day, bettering the services and offering InstaForex customers the most reliable and effective solutions on Forex. Moreover, during the last several years InstaForex Company has introduced principally new technologies and systems to its clients. We mentioned just a few of the numerous Company’s advantages which have brought it half a million customers.

    InstaForex team expresses gratitude to every client for high estimation of our work, quality of the comprehensive services we provide and our innovative approach. All these factors have been prerequisites to your confidence and fruitful cooperation with you on the foreign exchange market.

    Presently, InstaForex international broker is one of the leaders on Forex. This fact has been proven by many awards. InstaForex Company was titled the Best broker in Asia by World Finance (2009-2011), the Best Broker in Asia at ShowFx exhibitions in Singapore and Malaysia (2010 and 2011), the Best Retail FX Provider by European CEO and at Forex & Investment Summit in Abu Dhabi (2011) and so on and so forth.

    Thank you for having chosen InstaForex as your broker and for being one of our 500 000 customers! We are together which means there are no unattainable goals!
    Trade and earn with InstaForex!

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    InstaForex Great Race 2013 Coming Soon

    INSTAFOREX COMPANY NEWS-great_race_2013_en-png
    ​InstaForex Company is happy to announce the start of a new season of InstaForex Great Race, the contest among demo accounts. It is interesting for traders who want both to improve their skills and to get real money from demo trading.
    For the five-year history of InstaForex Great Race, tens thousands of traders have registered for the competition. Isn’t it the sheer proof of contest’s popularity? In the fifth season of InstaForex Great Race, the total prize pool reached $55,000. Be ready to get a piece of this pie! Hurry up to register and become a candidate for a part of the prize pool. The registration for the first step will last from December 10, 2012 to February 1, 2013.
    Participate in InstaForex Great Race 2013, raise your professional level and earn money at no risk! Register for the new season of InstaForex Great Race 2013 right now!
    Take part in InstaForex contests!

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    InstaForex partakes in UK Forex Trading Conference

    INSTAFOREX COMPANY NEWS-instaforex_conference_london-jpg
    ​InstaForex was a participant in UK Forex Trading Conference 2013 which took place in London on January 31. Moreover, the company was also one of the major sponsors of the event. The conference organized by MSM Media at Royal Mint Court in the very heart of the British capital brought together representatives of world’s leading brokers and their customers. The visitors had an excellent opportunity to acquaint themselves with a broad range of Forex services and get free consultations regarding any issues related to trading.

    Every visitor of InstaForex stand could find out more about the services the company provides, as well as open an account with InstaForex, get a $100 bonus to it and try out any service.

    UK Forex Trading Conference was marked by presentations of internationally known speakers that spurred much discussion. The presentation of InstaForex analyst Nicola Delic dedicated to technical analysis based on Elliott Wave Theory was a particularly big success. After the speech, everyone could come to the stand of the company and ask the analyst any questions.

    On the whole, the conference garnered attention of numerous traders and made the Forex community even more close-knit.

    InstaForex would like to thank all the visitors of the conference for their interest and the organizers for the opportunity to meet with traders.

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    InstaForex partners with the Marussia F1 Team

    INSTAFOREX COMPANY NEWS-mf1_official_supplier-jpg
    In spring 2013, InstaForex became an official supplier of the Marussia F1 Team, a participant in the prestigious and challenging FIA Formula One World Championship.
    InstaForex, one of the world leading brokerage companies on the currency market, supports the aspiration for high achievements and an active life style.
    That was the reason for establishing a cooperation between the young and promising Marussia F1 Team and InstaForex. The Marussia F1 Team has already demonstrated the spirit of rivalry and drive to challenge the more established teams. A goal that aligns with our own.
    Partnering with the Marussia F1 Team, continues a good tradition of motorsports associations started by InstaForex - back in 2011 the company co-operated with InstaForex Loparis Team, the participant of the international Dakar Rally and the winner of the Silk Way Rally 2011.
    Instaforex branding can be seen for the first time on the Marussia F1 Team cars that will compete in the 2013 Formula One Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix that takes place on Sunday 24th March. We know that the Marussia F1 Team will show its mettle and try and achieve its desired goals.
    Andy Webb, CEO, Marussia F1 Team
    “It is with great pleasure that we welcome InstaForex to the Marussia F1 Team - our second partnership with a major Russian company to be announced in as many weeks. As an Anglo-Russian team looking forward to the inaugural Russian Grand Prix in Sochi next season, we are thrilled that our clear progress over the winter and positive start to the new season are being met with such support and enthusiasm back ‘home’. This partnership and the access it affords to our Team is another way in which we can help to take Formula 1 to Russia and bring more of Russia to our sport.”
    About the Marussia F1 Team
    Small is beautiful. That’s certainly the premise of the Marussia F1 Team, a young and ambitious Anglo-Russian challenger competing in the FIA Formula 1 World Championship.
    Virgin Racing joined the Formula One grid in 2010. By 2011 sponsor Marussia had purchased a shareholding in the team and renamed it Marussia Virgin Racing. In 2012, the team became known as the Marussia F1 Team - the first Anglo-Russian Formula 1 Team. The operation is now based in a new UK HQ and following significant investment is aiming to challenge the more established teams in 2013.

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