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    Default TenkoFx

    Hi ,

    Thanks for admin to create this thread.


    TenkoFX Company welcomes You and happy to inform about our thread on this website.


    The company’s authorization to provide financial services is issued by the International Financial Services Commission of Belize. This authorization is published and maintained on the regulator’s official website. The license issued for a one year period, and is renewed annually.
    The company’s licence can be verified via the IFSC website at International Financial Services Commission, in the register of licensed entities authorized to offer services in trading in financial and commodity-based derivative instruments and other securities (List F under the Licensed Service Providers tab).

    TenkoFX Company is offering the following trading conditions:

    Minimum Deposit: 10 usd
    Commission: No broker commission
    Leverage: from 1:1 to 1:500
    Margin call / Stop Out: 50% / 25%
    Minimal lot: 0.01
    Lot incremental: 0.01

    Standard (MT4)
    Minimum Deposit: 10 usd
    Commission: No broker commission
    Leverage: from 1:1 to 1:500
    Margin call / Stop Out: 50% / 25%
    Minimal lot: 0.01
    Lot incremental: 0.01

    ECN (MetaTrader)
    Minimum Deposit: 500 usd
    Commission: 4 USD per 1 Lot
    Leverage: from 1:1 to 1:200
    Margin call / Stop Out: 60% / 30%
    Minimal lot: 0.10
    Lot incremental: 0.10

    PAMM ECN (MetaTrader)
    Minimum Deposit: 100 usd
    Commission: 4 USD per 1 Lot
    Leverage: from 1:1 to 1:200
    Margin call / Stop Out: 60% / 30%
    Minimal lot: 0.10
    Lot incremental: 0.10

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    What is a PAMM manager account?

    A PAMM manager account enables you to attract investment into your trading system. For more information please click here.

    Investment offer.

    When you create a PAMM account you must determine the parameters for investments and rewards.

    Offer contains a minimum amount of investment and four indicators:

    • Amount. It determines further parameters for the investor.
    • Performance fee - a percentage of investor's income that will be paid monthly to the manager's account.
    • History - can whether the investor see the history of transactions.
    • Open trades - can whether the investor see the current transactions.

    What is the minimum deposit I need to make in order to register as a PAMM manager?

    You can get started as a PAMM manager with as little as $100 in your account.

    This account is ECN account with No limitations in your trading style

    Can I liquidate a PAMM account? What happens if I do?

    You can liquidate a PAMM account via the 'Liquidation of a PAMM account' link in your TenkoDESK workspace. The funds in the account will be withdrawn at the next rollover, as stipulated in the PAMM Investment Terms and Conditions. You cannot cancel a request to liquidate an account once you have made it and a liquidated PAMM account cannot be restored. If you wish to resume operation in the PAMM system and attract new investments, you will need to register a new PAMM account.

    What is a PAMM rollover?

    PAMM Rollover occurs in accordance with the schedule which is set up by each individual manager. The schedule can be different for each PAMM account. The time reference is based on trading server time. The manager is not authorized to change the schedule more than once per 90 calendar days.

    Rollover process updates statistics of the PAMM account, calculates manager and partner remuneration and completes withdrawal applications.

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    Another example of a successful trader in TenkoFx is PAMM Rating - Pavlik

    You could be the PAMM Trader just by opening a PAMM account with a minimum deposit of only $ 100 with the ECN trading conditions without any limitation in trading techniques. You are free to use scalping, hedging and other

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    Fixed spread accounts (STD, CENT, SF) are synthetic products that we offer to our clients. Please note that professional markets (liquidity providers) operate on the basis of variable spreads.

    Fixed spread accounts do offer some protective advantages against excessive slippage, excessive stop loss or stop out triggers resulting from spread widening, which are trading risks inherent to professional markets. These features expose fixed spread accounts to abuse by professional traders or trading software.

    We warn all existing or potential clients not to attempt to misuse fixed spread accounts by running professional strategies like HFT (high frequency trading), scalping or HFT-type news trading. These strategies should be run exclusively on professional ECN accounts only.

    If more than 50% of your trades meet the below criteria your trading style will be treated as abusive to fixed spread account and will put our relationship at risk.
    • Trade duration of less than 10 minutes.
    • Profit targets that are smaller than 5 times the spread.
    • Order cancellations exceeding 50% of the total number of orders.
    • News time execution only, evident by the timing of orders.
    • Excessive transaction numbers – more than 30 per day, 100 per week, 300 per month.

    Fixed spread accounts undergo regular individual audit checks to identify violations. The above criteria are given for informational purposes and we hope that this transparency will help us to avoid conflict situations. Please be aware that we will not hesitate to take severe action against violators.

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    Get 200% Forex Deposit Bonus, Now sky is your limit. Trade with your Own Trading strategy and Make consistent Profits form Forex Market. Actually noting exists as free money for this reason terms of the promotion is realistic. Find some time to read the terms and conditions before apply for this bonus, or consult with support department to know all the details.

    Deposit and Get 200% Forex Deposit Bonus

    Joining Link: TenkoFX| 200% Forex deposit bonus

    Ending Date: 06 December 2015

    Offer is Applicable: For both New and existing Traders.

    How to Apply: Make a STD account and Deposit at lest $500 in your trading account

    Bonus Cash Out : One standard lot required to trade for each $1 withdrawal
    More Details:-

    The bonus will be cancelled and all positions closed when the Equity falls below the total currently active bonus amount.

    Maximum Bonus is $2000

    The best way to sart Live Forex trading is No Deposit Bonus Forex , It is a way to start risk free Forexing that no deposit needed form client's end. Find a suitable,

    We all want to earn some money form Internet. And there are many way exists to do it such one of them is forex deposit bonus where no risk involves for the client. If we want to invest money in forex then there is a lot of risk to trade in Live Market specially for new trader. So i suggest to start with
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    PAMM is a type of account that it can be used as an investment for the investor. The TenkoFx, Investor given a special portion to be able to invest or to liquidate without having to deal with a PAMM Manager and guaranteed that investor money is safe because systems that provide special security for investors

    If you are interested, you simply open an account in TenkoFx then choose the menu investors. but of course you should be verified first profile.

    PAMM is your opportunity to make rewarding Forex and CFD investments without spending time mastering the skills needed to attain high returns on your capital. To make an investment simply review the PAMM account ratings and select a successful trader whose profile matches your trading goals and risk tolerance level. Once you invest in a PAMM account the manager will trade on your behalf and you will pay them a percentage of your profits as compensation for their work.

    Suppose your investment by using the PAMM Trader - Dr.Evil

    Can I withdraw profit and my initial investment amount without liquidating my investment?

    You have the right to withdraw your profits and the initial sum from the investment, as long as you leave the minimum sum (as set by the PAMM manager) in the manager's account.

    Example: you have invested $200 in a PAMM account. The minimum investment amount is $100. Your investment is now valued at $200, so you can withdraw $100.


    The TenkoFX Company neither administers nor invests in PAMM Accounts. The role of our company is to ensure absolute compliance with the terms of investment-soliciting offers published by the managing traders. It is the responsibility of each investor to evaluate the risks of investing into a particular PAMM account, based on the information published on the website.

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    Now you can make investments in TenkoFx with a minimum investment amount in accordance with the investment offered by PAMM-Trader. But make sure that we know the performance of PAMM trader as seen from the performance of one of PAMM-Trader - Tractor Agressive

    To find out more about the activities of PAMM Trader, you can immediately see the performance in : Classic

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    Hello, Tenko Fx!
    Specify, please, how many does your company operate on forex market?

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    Hi, guys! I want to test your execution and spreads. Do you have no deposit bonus?

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    It seems that the representative of TenkoFX is not here anymore. So, did anybody experience trading with this broker?

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