Iam currently trading with forexcontrol demo account and able to trade successfully for the past three months. And I'm thinking of opening MT4 live trading account with the forex MT4 broker Forex Control | Trade Forex online with Asia Broker: India, China, Russia CFD markets . Can anybody guide me how to proceed with the broker. Currently Iam trading with their Metatrader 4 Demo Platform. Iam satisfied with the datafeeds as they provide lots of instruments to trade especially forex/ Indian CFD / US Equities / European CFD's. Still now i havent experienced any problem with their metatrader platform. But i just want to know some of my questions still in my mind which you would have experienced the same.

1)Is the Forexcontrol Broker supports multi-langugage customer support
2)Anyone trading with this broker for long term?
3)Do they provide good customer support?
4)Should i trade with Metatrader or with Forexcontrol Web Trader platform as Iam less familiar with Metatrader 4 platform.
5)Where i can get more knowledge on this Metatrader platform.
6)What is the risk involved as iam a newbie to forex trading. But iam not new to trading as i had similar trading experience in american stock markets

Can anyone answer before i start trading live? Can any one give a brief review?