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    Grand Capital weekly recap (April 3rd – April 7th)

    Here are the results Grand Capital clients have shown during the first week of April.

    The most active client

    Placed 1084 trades, including 628 profitable ones and 456 the resulted in a loss. The majority of trades involved EUR/USD and GBP/AUD.

    Maximum deposit growth

    In one trading week on a single account was $41 653,50.

    The most profitable trade of the week

    Resulted in a profit of +$7 855,00. The trade was opened on the 24th of March at 13:16 and closed on the 4th of April at 16:18.

    The most interesting instruments chosen by traders:
    • # ZL — Soybean Oil futures. Traded on CBOT exchange. The volume of a single futures contract is 60 000 pounds. Minimum price fluctuation if 1/100 cent or $0,0001 per pound, which equals $6,00 per contract;
    • # FESX — Euro Stoxx 50 futures. Traded on Eurex exchange. The contract volume is calculated according to the following formula: €10 multiplied by the current index quote. One pip equals €10,00;
    • # PA — Palladium futures. Traded on NYMEX. The contract size is standard and equals 100 troy ounces (approx 3,11 kg). One tick is 0,05 and costs $5;
    • # JNJ (Johnson & Johnson) is an American holding company that leads a group of more than 250 subsidiaries around the world that manufacture medicines, sanitation products and medical equipment. It is a part of the Dow Jones Global Titans 50 index;
    • # AXP (American Express) is an American financial company. Known products of the company are credit cards, payment cards and traveler's checks. The number of transactions on American Express cards in the trade and service network amounted to 6.5 billionin in 2014 pieces, which is 3% of bank cards transactions globally.

    Earn with Grand Capital!

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    Grand Capital weekly recap (April 10th — April 14th)

    Take a look at the last week’s trading results of Grand Capital’s clients:

    The most active client

    Placed 3349 trades, including 1989 profitable ones and 1360 that resulted in a loss. The majority of trades involved CAD/JPY and AUD/USD.

    Maximum deposit growth

    In one trading week on a single account was $35 057,12.

    The most profitable trade of the week

    Resulted in a profit of $12 027,00. The trade was opened on the 15th of March at 8:36PM and closed on the 10th of April at 7:30AM.

    The most interesting trading instruments chosen by traders:
    • # ZR — futures contract for rice, traded on CBOT, a subsidiary of Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Rice is one of the most cost-demanding crops. It is produced all over the world and occupies the second place among crops in terms of production volume (the first is wheat and the third is corn);
    • # AEX — AEX index futures, traded on Euronext stock exchange. The size of the contract is calculated by multiplying €200 by the index quote. The quotes are specified in the index points. 1 tick equals 0.05 index point and is worth €10.00. AEX index is one of the Netherlands’ most important stock indices and encompasses 25 of the country’s major companies;
    • # HO — mazut futures, traded on NYMEX exchange market. Contract value is 42,000 gallons (1 imperial gallon is 4,55 liters; 1 US gallon is 3,78541178 liters). The quotes are in USD for a gallon. Minimum price fluctuation is $0,0001 for a gallon;
    • # MSFT (Microsoft Corporation) — one of the largest international producers of software for personal computers, gaming consoles, PDA, mobile phones. Microsoft has developed the most popular operating system in the world — Windows OS metafamily.
    • # IBM — one of the major producers and suppliers of hardware and software in the world. The company is also known for its IT and consulting services

    Earn with Grand Capital!

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    Download Binary Options trading app for iPhone

    In the beginning of March we have announced the release of Grand Capital Binary app for Binary Options trading and offered all iPhone owners to test it. The Developers have considered all the comments and implemented the necessary features. Now the application is completely ready for the official release.

    Grand Capital Binary is a modern application for mobile Binary Options trading. The app offers two types of Binary Options — European style Options and American style Options, which allow early closure. Binary Options profitability is up to 86%. For trades that are closed early — up to 40%. Trades can be opened and closed right from the chart. Trading signals are provided for a more profitable trading. All questions can be addressed by a consultant in the LiveChat.

    How to log into Grand Capital Binary:
    1. Download the app in the App Store.
    2. If you are already registered with Grand Capital, just use your existing Binary Options account credentials .
    3. If you are not yet registered, register at Grand Capital website, go to "Account Types" section, click Option account, choose the preferred Binary Options type and create an account. In the pop up window you will see your login (in digits) and password (digits and letters), which you must use to log into the app.

    The application is available in Russian, English, Chinese, Indonesian and Vietnamese.

    How to trade with Grand Capital Binary:
    1. Choose one of the 42 available assets.
    2. Set the trade amount and expiration time.
    3. Indicate the direction of the price movement.
    4. Your trade will be displayed on the chart.
    5. View your open and closed trades in Trades History section.

    Other features:
    • Quotes in real time;
    • Account information;
    • Technical support in real time.

    We are now in the process of developing a similar application for Android users. Follow the news not to miss the release!

    If you have any thoughts on how the application can be further improved, send your comments to

    Grand Capital team.

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    Grand Capital has gathered 150 traders at seminars in South Africa

    Educational trading seminars in South Africa have become traditional for Grand Capital. On the 8th and 9th of April we've held another two seminars and here is how they went:

    Innocent Thembokuhle, the organizer of the seminars and a partner of Grand Capital in South Africa:

    «These seminars have become a major event for the locals. We have done a tremendous work: have developed an interesting agenda, invited Grand Capital representatives from the headquarters and a famous trader Wories Heico. I am sure that South Africa is a very promising market. In our plans — opening of a new trading school and to continue spreading the Forex culture in South Africa."

    The first seminar was held for traders and investors and took place in Secunda. According to our calculations, 120 people attended the event. The attendees learned about the basics of trading on financial markets: how to become a successful trader, analyse the market, choose a strategy and invest wisely. This time we invited a special guest Wories Heico, an analyst from Wall Street and a professional trader with 10 years of trading experience. Heico shared his experience of a risk-free and profitable trading.

    The second seminar took place in Emalahleni and was aimed at those who want to start a business in the Forex industry. The seminar was held by Goutam Das, a manager from the company's headquarters. The seminar was attended by 28 people.

    Grand Capital will keep working in Southern Africa. New seminars have already been planned for May-June 2017 in several cities of the region. Follow the news not to miss the announcements!

    Grand Capital team

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    Interview with contest winners. “A contest is a good way to master your strategy”

    The sixth interview round-up features the winner of Rally Trade, the winner of Futures Trade and two winners of Drag Trade.

    Anatoliy Radchenko, Ukraine, the winner of 358th round of Drag Trade

    ‘I have been trading since 2006. I work as a system administrator and I started trading because I like to use my head. I’ve learned everything myself. It’s simple, really: you buy, then you sell. Be patient and sooner or later you’ll get it. I usually base my strategy on trends. Fundamental analysis beats everything. But I trade with anything if it promises profit. Most recently I’ve been selling the British pound. What I value the most in brokers is the promptness with which deposits and withdrawals are executed. My advice to the future contestants is to never give up. Fight to the end!’

    Serhiy Neznayko, Ukraine, the winner of 50th round of Futures Trade

    ‘I’m a student, but not full-time, so I work and trade in my spare time. The advantages of trading are the lack of bosses and comfortable working conditions. No one bosses you around, you can trade where and when you please. I think that the most common mistake among the beginners is a lack of self-control. I actually blew my first $100 deposit this way. Even if it wasn’t that big. I think that my most successful trade is still ahead of me. Now I’m waiting for increase of the US interest rate. I haven’t studied trading seriously yet. But I’m planning on attending lectures on exchange trading. CFD is a new direction for me. I don’t have any special strategy. I just start form the market climate and economy news. When I choose a broker, I pay attention to several factors. I notice if the website is user-friendly, how fast the client support responds, and, of course, the contests. I chose Futures Trade because of its convenient duration and the possibility to follow the contest table online. In my round the margin between the first and the second positions was only 3 dollars. I guess I was lucky. Now I know that anyone can win. Check it out yourself, everything is in your own hands!’

    Hamid Vilani, Iran, the winner of 359th round of Drag Trade

    ‘My name is Khamid and trading is my job. I learned about trading for the first time seven years ago when I saw and ad online. Forex is very popular in Iran. I learned everything online, for free. The most important thing for a beginner is to set a correct leverage. And, of course, self-control and patience are also of utmost importance for traders. I still remember that one time when I managed to earn +1000% of my initial deposit. I use Ichinoku trading indicator. Grand Capital is widely known company with a long history. That’s why I chose it. I entered the contest just because I like to compete, and a contest is also a chance to earn some money.’

    Tangapandi Thangaraj, UAE, the winner of 190th round of Rally Trade

    ‘I work as a technician for a private company, my job is repair and maintenance of machinery. I decided to try to get into trading three years ago. A friend suggested that I try Forex. I tried and kept on trading and in time I started winning. I learned trading everywhere: Youtube, message boards, listened to my friends’ advice. At times I felt like giving up, but I didn’t. I like trading with GBP/JPY and GBP/USD pairs. I stay with a particular broker if the company is reliable and offers quality support. I like challenges, so I entered Grand Capital contest. Also it’s an opportunity to master my strategy. The market can change in an instant. That’s why you have to be extremely careful if you use someone else’s trading signals. It’s better to trust your own strategy and analysis. This approach allows you to manage your funds rationally: not to lose more than you spend.’

    Learn about contest rules and sign up for the next round here.

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    Grand Capital weekly recap (April 17th — April 21st)

    Here are the results of the last trading week, from 17th of April to 21st of April 2017.

    The most active client

    Placed 1550 trades, including 828 profitable ones and 722 that resulted in a loss. The majority of trades involved GBP/JPY, EUR/CAD, AUD/CHF and GBP/CAD pairs.

    Maximum deposit growth

    In one trading week on a single account was $58 373,40

    The most profitable trade of the week

    Resulted in a profit of $19 500,00. The trade was opened on the 31st of March at 14:40 and closed on the 20th of April at 12:19PM.

    The most interesting trading instruments chosen by traders:
    • # BRN — Crude oil futures, traded on ICE exchange. Minimum price fluctuation is $0,01 for a barrel ($10,00 for a contract). The contract size is 1000 barrels(42000 gallons). The Brent oil price is a basis for the price formation for two thirds of the world’s international crude oil trading;
    • # PL — platinum futures, traded on NYMEX exchange. The size of the contract is 50 troy ounces (1.56 kg). Market quotation: USD and cents (e.g. $1590,00 for an ounce). Minimum price fluctuation: $0,10 for an ounce ($5 for a contract);
    • # KC — Coffee futures contract. Traded on ICE (NY). The contract size is standardized and equals 37 500 pounds (approximately 17 t). 1 tick is 0,05 and costs $18,75;
    • # MAGNIT («Магнит») — a Russian retail company and a convenience store chain of the same name. As of 31st of December 2016 the company owns 25 059 locations. The company’s revenue in 2016 was 1.07 trillion RUB;
    • # EBAY — eBay is an online platform providing sales services for both private individuals and companies. The company was founded in 1995, its market capitalization is 68.9 billion USD (as of May 2015).

    Earn with Grand Capital!

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    Changes in Binary Options trading

    Please be informed that the following changes were introduced to Binary Options trading on the 25th of April: an opening of a one-directional trade on a single account for a single asset is only allowed after the previous trade has closed or 5 minutes have passed after the first trade was opened.

    For example:
    1. A client purchased a 2-minute Call option for EURUSD_OP. The second Call option for the asset will be available only upon closure of the previously placed trade, disregarding the trade amount. Put option will still be available for the asset.
    2. A client purchased a 30-minute Call option for EURUSD_OP. The second Call option for the asset will only be available after 5 minutes from the purchase of the first Call option have passed. Put option will still be available for the asset.

    Please mind the following restrictions to the trading session of EURCHF_OP. From 00:00 to 02:00 (terminal time) the trading is closed. Other instruments are available for trading as usual.

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    Trading and company services schedule over May holidays

    Dear clients!

    Due to the May statutory holidays, the trading schedule for the following trading instruments will be changed:
    • On 1, 8, 9 of May — trading for USDRUR, EURRUR and Russian Stock CFDs is closed.
    • On the 1st of May trading for European indices is closed (AEX, CAC 40, DAX, DJ EURO STOXX 50, SMI, FTSE 100, Russell 2000).
    • From the 2nd till the 5th May and from the 10th of May trading will be available as usual.

    Please mind that due to lower liquidity during the holiday period, high volatility may be expected.

    All company's services will be working as usual.

    Requests for deposit/withdrawal will be processed according to the company regulations. Deposit/withdrawal requests for bank cards and bank wires will be processed in accordance with your bank's holiday schedule.

    Please consider this information when planning your trading activity.

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    From 1st of May: add up to +200% to your deposit!

    We are excited to announce that from the 1st of May until the 31st of August, Grand Capital is running a "Bonus 200" promotion. Our clients are already acquainted with it, as in the end of 2016, we celebrated the company's anniversary by giving out presents to traders. The promotion had a great success back then, and we've decided not to wait till the next special occasion and are launching a new similar promotion, but with even better terms. Now the minimum bonus for Forex trading accounts is 85% and the maximum one is as high as 200%.

    About the promotion

    The bonus is credited for deposits over $100 to any client who wishes to participate in the promotion.

    What bonus size should I expect to get?

    The bonus size ranges from 60% to 200%, depending on the account type, deposit amount and the term of trading with Grand Capital. For example, a client who has just registered an Option account may receive a 60% bonus. A client with a newly registered Standard account — 85%. Finally, traders who have been trading with Grand Capital for 7 years or more may get a 200% bonus. The bonus amount can be calculated in a bonus calculator here.

    Basic terms:
    • The promotion is for Standard, Option, and Swap Free accounts.
    • Minimum deposit required to receive the bonus is $100. The deposit must be made on the 1st of May or later.
    • Once the bonus is claimed, it is credited for every consecutive deposit automatically.
    • The bonus funds are granted for 3 months.
    • The bonus participates in the drawdown.
    • The bonus funds may be claimed and withdrawn.*

    *After certain conditions are met

    Complete bonus terms

    To receive a bonus:
    1. Create a Standard, Option or Swap Free account or use an existing one.
    2. Make a deposit starting from $100.
    3. Create a request in your Private office or contact a manager through an online chat.
    4. The bonus funds will be deposited to your account within 48 hours.

    Trade profitably with Grand Capital!

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    Grand Capital weekly recap (April 24th – April 28th)

    This is how the last trading week of April ended. Read and compare the results!

    The most active client

    Placed 1180 trades, including 640 profitable ones and 540 that resulted in a loss. The majority of trades involved AUD/CAD, CHF/JPY, EUR/NZD, AUD/NZD pairs.

    Maximum deposit growth

    For one week on a single account was $13 842,04.

    The most profitable trade of the week

    Resulted in a profit of +$5200,00. The trade was opened on the 5th of April at 12:31 and closed on the 24th of April at 13:46.

    The most interesting trading instruments chosen by traders:
    • # RP — Euro/British Pound Futures. It is a low activity contract, its daily volumes are not higher than several hundreds of contracts. The contract size: 125 000 euro. Minimum price fluctuation: 0,00005 Pounds for 1 euro or 6,25 Pounds per a contract;
    • # GAS — One of the distillation products of crude oil or products of its processing. Traded on ICE in London. A volume of a single futures contract is 100 metric tons, which equals 118,35 cubic meters. Minimum price fluctuation is 0,25 per a ton or $25 per contract;
    • # JO — Orange juice futures contract. Traded on ICE. The contract size is standard and is 15 000 pounds (approximately 6,9 tons). One pip is 0,05 and costs $7,5;
    • # AA (Alcoa) — American metallurgical company, the third largest aluminum producer in the world, after Rio Tinto Alcan and Rusal. In addition to the production of primary aluminum, the company is one of the world's leading producers of bauxite, alumina and aluminum products and alloys;
    • # WMT (Wal-Mart Stores) — An American retail company that manages the world's largest retail network. It operates the Walmart trademark. Turnover: 482 billion dollars (2016).

    Earn more with Grand Capital!

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