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Thread: Grand Capital Ltd

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    Traders in Nigeria can now deposit and withdraw in NGN through Nigerian Exchanger

    Grand Capital keeps expanding into the African region. Today we would like to share two of our most recent developments in Nigeria - now local traders can deposit and withdraw funds in Nigerian Naira through the local Nigerian Exchanger and visit the new Grand Capital office in Abuja.

    To make a deposit via Nigerian Exchanger
    1. Choose Nigerian Exchanger option in Deposit section of your Private Office.
    2. Fill in the required fields and click "Continue".
    3. Follow the instructions on the screen. The funds will be deposited within one working day.

    Withdrawal requests are carried out within 3 working days.

    View other convenient deposit/withdrawal options at Deposit/Withdrawal section of Grand Capital website.

    Also, traders from Abuja, the capital of Nigeria can now visit a local Grand Capital office, which is located at House 3, road 45, 4th Avenue, Nigeria, Abuja (Off First Avenue, Behind Corner shop. Landmark: Crush Cafe). It is the second Grand Capital office in Nigeria — the first company's office in Lagos opened its doors in January 2017.

    The office provides consultations on choosing and opening trading accounts, Forex, CFD and Binary Options trading courses, LAMM investments, current promotions and bonuses.

    You can contact the office by phone: +2347032146830, +2349055007619 or WhatsApp: +2347032146830.

    Trade with Grand Capital!

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    Deposit in Rupees via local Indian Exchanger

    Grand Capital keeps expanding deposit/withdrawal options to provide its clients with the most comfortable trading conditions.

    Today we are excited to announce another addition to our local payment options that are aimed at making trading conditions of our clients in India even more convenient.

    To deposit/Withdraw funds:
    1. Choose Indian Exchanger in Deposit/Withdrawal section of your Private Office.
    2. Fill in the required fields and click "Continue"
    3. Follow the instructions on the screen. The funds will be deposited within 1 working day.

    Withdrawal requests are carried out within 3 working days.

    In case you have any questions, you can always contact Grand Captial representative in India by calling +9 18108816772.

    To learn about other convenient payment options offered at Grand Capital, visit Deposit/Withdrawal page.

    Claim up to +200% bonus

    Don't forget that only before the 31st of August you can add up to +200% to every deposit you make. Click here to learn more!

    Grand Capital team

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    Grand Capital weekly recap (17th -21st of July)

    We wish all to have a successful trading week and traditionally present the best results of the past one.

    The most active client

    Placed 3782 trades, including 2115 profitable ones and 1667 that resulted in a loss. The majority of trades involved GBP/CHF, EUR/JPY, GBP/JPY and EUR/AUD pairs.

    Maximum deposit growth

    In one trading week on a single account was $12 084,00.

    The most profitable trade of the week

    Resulted in a profit of +$5540,00. The trade was open on the 28th of April at 15:37 and closed on the 20th of July at 14:45.

    The most interesting instruments chosen by traders:
    • # SILVER — Silver futures contract. Traded on COMEX. The contract volume is 5000 troy ounces (around 155,5 kg). Minimum price step is $0,005 per ounce or $25,00 per contract;
    • # GAS — One of crude oil distillation products. It is traded on the ICE Exchange in London. The volume of one futures contract equals 100 metric tons which equals 118.35 cubic meters. Minimum price change: 0.25 per ton or $ 25 per contract;
    • # DD (DuPont) is one the world's largest chemical companies. The company invented many unique polymer and other materials, including neoprene, nylon, Teflon, Kevlar, mylar, etc. Included in the list of Fortune 1000 in 2008 (81st place);
    • # PG (Procter & Gamble Co) — American transnational company, one of the leaders of the world's market of consumer products. The company's shares are taken into account when the Dow Jones industrial index is calculated. It takes the 22nd place in the Fortune 500 and is one of the leading US companies in terms of profit and market capitalization;
    • # GOOGLE (Google Inc) is an American multinational public corporation, a company in the Alphabet holding company, investing in Internet search, cloud computing, and advertising technologies. Google supports and develops a number of Internet services and products. Turnover: $ 66.001 billion (2014).

    Earn more with Grand Capital!

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    Grand Capital launches cryptocurrency trading

    Dear clients!

    On the 25th of 2017, Grand Capital launched trading with six cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Peercoin, Namecoin, Dashcoin, Litecoin.

    Stanislav Vaneev, CEO Grand Capital:

    "Even ten years ago the very idea of cryptocurrency seemed rather bizarre. But time has passed, the world has changed and the Internet has changed. Now cryptocurrencies have become an unalienable part of transactions and, like any other currency, a means of income. One of the peculiarities of cryptocurrency exchanges is round the clock trading, 24/7. Grand Capital Trader terminal offers the most popular instruments. Trading is conducted on major exchanges. Depth of Market allows for execution at best prices."

    Trading conditions:
    • Trading is only held on ECN Prime account in MetaTrader 4 и Web terminals.
    • Leverage offered is 1:3 or 33% margin required.
    • Hedged margin 50%.
    • Commission: 0,25% from a trade (round turn commission is 0,5%).
    • Minimum and maximum step: 0,01 - 1000 lots.
    • Account currency: US Dollars.
    • Deposits: bank wire, internal transfer.

    Deposits in Bitcoin is coming soon. Follow the news!

    The following instruments are available for trading:
    • PPCBTC
    • PPCUSD
    • NMCUSD
    • NMCBTC
    • LTCUSD
    • LTCEUR
    • LTCRUB
    • LTCBTC
    • DSHBTC
    • DSHUSD
    • ETHBTC
    • ETHEUR
    • ETHLTC
    • ETHRUB
    • ETHUSD
    • BTCUSD
    • BTCEUR
    • BTCRUB

    To start trading cryptocurrencies in Grand Capital:
    1. Register or log into your Private Office.
    2. Open an ECN Prime account.
    3. Deposit to your ECN Prime account an amount starting from $ 1 000 by a bank wire or via internal transfer.
    4. Allow 1 to 3 days for your account to be activated.
    5. To speed up your account activation or learn about the current status of your account, contact the client support via Live Chat or email to

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    Interview with contest winners: "I beat the others only by a small margin, so the competition became pretty intense towards the end"

    Our new interview roundup features the winners of Future Trade, Rally Trade and Drag Trade. An engineer from Belarus, an electrical equipment operator from Ukraine and a businessman from Russia all participated already in Grand Capital contests a few times and now are ready to share their advice with the beginners.

    Igor Dubodelov, Belarus, the winner of 53rd round of Future Trade, received $1000 no-deposit bonus. Igor has already won in Drag Trade.

    "I'm an engineer and I think that anyone can become a trader. But in order to earn money, you have to learn and build your character. I've been participating in Grand Capital contests for over four years. Finally, I succeeded and took the first place in the futures contest. Sometimes I was in the top ten, even the second, but couldn't take the first place. It seems like the good fortune finally smiled upon me in the last month, since I have already won in Drag Trade. I won thanks to my persistence, lucky combination of circumstances, correct calculation and, of course, more or less decent preparation during all those years. I beat the others only by a small margin, so the competition became pretty intense towards the end. I wish everybody luck, don't give up hope!"

    Dmytro Melnychenko, Ukraine, the winner of 197th round of Rally Trade, received $500 no-deposit bonus.

    "I'm 33 and I work as an electrical equipment operator. As a freelance job, I make expert advisors and indicators. I first learned about Forex on some website. I got interested, started searching for more information and tried trading on cent accounts for a couple of years, but not very successfully. I don't use analytics and trade only based on my own understanding of the current market situation. I have tried many indicator-based trading strategies and came across Sniper strategy. I did some research and tried it out quite a few times. It was getting better every time. I placed my most successful trade a couple of years ago, when I opened a position with the maximum lot available on a cent account and closed it after two weeks. That trade brought me 800% deposit growth. I've been participating in Grand Capital contests for a long time. Since Rally Trade is a short contest, I used some of the most volatile instruments, GBP, USD/ZAR. I took the second and the third place several times, but finally, I managed to take the first. I hope to make it on a real account also. I want to say thank you to Grand Capital for an opportunity to try myself at real trading! My advice to beginners: don't open positions if you're not sure and don't panic if the price goes the wrong way. Every action you take on the market should be thought-out and not impulsive."

    Vasily Braginets, Russia, the winner of 374th round of Drag Trade, received real $200.

    "I'm 52, I'm a businessman. First I got into Forex in 2005. I received a financial education so I already knew a thing or two about it. I liked the possibility of making money using your head without any middlemen. First I took trading classes, then continued on my own. The biggest problem then was that the most brokers didn't move money to the market, but kept them circulating within the company instead. I mostly trade with one and four hour charts. I still have a lot of free time. That's why I want to try myself at binary options. I prefer trading with USD/ZAR pair. My strategy is the right choice of indicators, and the understanding of how the market moves comes with experience. A beginner should always follow the news and not try to earn everything in a day. The market won't go anywhere. I like Grand Capital and I have been following the company for quite some time. I'm glad that you constantly progress, search for something new and go with the trend. I've been participating in Grand Capital contests for a long time and on several occasions I took the second place. So, as they say, if at first you don’t succeed, try again."

    Learn about the contest rules and sign up for the next round here.

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    Grand Capital opened 9 offices and held 18 seminars in Asia and Africa in the last six months

    Grand Capital not only offers brokerage services but also has a strong social mission. We strive to increase the financial literacy in many parts of the world and show through examples that the investments and financial markets trading are available for anyone, no matter where you live or what your level of income is.

    Today we want to tell you about the achievements of our regional offices.

    In 2017 alone we opened 9 offices in Nigeria, South Africa, Indonesia, Pakistan and hosted 18 educational seminars for the local traders.

    Denis Kulagin, Grand Capital Head of International Development:

    “In terms of international development, the year 2017 is turning out to be quite productive so far. That said, we are not going to rest on our laurels. We are already planning to open new offices in Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia this year. We have already found the partners in some of these countries and are still in the negotiation phase with the others. Among our upcoming events are big seminars in Indonesia in August and in South Africa in September.”

    It’s going to be interesting! Follow our updates!

    Grand Capital team

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    Meet the new completely renovated web platform for Binary Options trading!

    We continue to improve conditions for Binary Options trading. Recently we've launched an iPhone application for Binary Options trading. We've also kept only the most advantageous and popular type of Binary Options with the Early Closure and higher payouts. Presently, we've taken into account all our clients' feedback and have upgraded the Web Terminal for Binary Options trading.

    So what's changed?

    Nearly everything. To make trading more convenient we've created a minimalistic and interactive interface. All that is needed for trading is now displayed on a single screen: live charts, trades, quotes, and trade managing instruments.

    And more precisely:
    • Open and close trades with a single click.
    • View all the open trades with all the info on the chart: opening time, direction, the current trade progress.
    • The chart is scalable, so you can easily view all the opened and closed trades, as well as quotations history.
    • View the complete trades history.
    • Use trading signals for all the instruments for more precise predictions.

    How to trade in the new web terminal

    If you are already registered, just log into the web terminal using your Option account credentials (Demo or Real).
    If you don't have an Option account yet, log into your Private Office or Register.
    In the "Accounts" section, open an Option account and deposit any amount starting from $10.

    To trade Binary Options
    1. Choose an asset from the 42 available.
    2. Set the investment amount.
    3. Choose the expiration time.
    4. Determine whether the price will go Up or Down.

    Advantages to trading Binary Options with Grand Capital

    Here are the main advantages of our Binary Options:
    • Minimum deposit: $10.
    • 42 assets: currency pairs, indices, oil, gas, heating oil, gold, silver.
    • Payouts up to 86%.
    • Early closure feature. Presumably unsuccessful trades may be closed before expiration time and receive profit.
    • Compensation of losses. Once a month traders can compensate all losses taken during one unsuccessful day of trading.
    • New status system. The higher the level, the more possibilities for higher profit and better conditions.

    Where to look for the expanded features

    The new web terminal is more simple and user-friendly for novices and traders who appreciate functionality. If you are a professional and want to use the extended features and hedge risks, trade with MetaTrader 4 platform. Read more about MetaTrader 4 terminal here.

    More new changes to Binary Options are coming soon. Follow the news!

    Grand Capital team

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