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Thread: Grand Capital Ltd

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    Bitcoin deposit/withdrawal is now available

    This July we made cryptocurrency trading available. Now Grand Capital clients can deposit and withdraw funds in one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin. There's no commission for deposit and withdrawal in Bitcoin.

    Deposit and withdrawal requests are created in USD as usual, then they are converted into the account's currency according to the current rate. There's no limit on minimum deposit and minimum withdrawal sum is $10. You can deposit and withdraw in Bitcoin on Standard, Options, Micro and Swap Free accounts. Deposits to ECN Prime account are possible through internal transfer. There's no commission for such transfers and they are executed within 1 day.

    To deposit/withdraw:
    • Go to your Private Office;
    • Select Bitcoin in Deposit/Withdrawal section;
    • Select an account and enter a sum;
    • Follow the instructions;
    • Withdrawal takes from 1 to 3 days.

    Learn about other means of deposit and withdrawal available at Grand Capital here.

    Grand Capital team

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    Interview with contest winners: “Successful traders take risks”

    The winners of our contests are quite sure that a successful trader spares no expense on education, is always ready to take calculated risks and listens to more experienced traders. Read the opinions of the three of our most recent contest winners. Who knows, maybe their stories will help you to get to the top. Read, learn and dare!

    Natalya Filliova, Russia, the winner of 201th round of Rally Trade

    "I often participate in trading contests because I like the competitive spirit and the emotions associated with it. I tend to choose shorter contests. That's why after I won Drag Trade I decided to try Rally Trade and now I finally made it. I think I won thanks to a good AUDUSD movement, I managed to place the positions in time and it all worked out. The hallmark of a successful trader is a huge amount of time invested in education, That's why I advise the beginners to learn and make calculated decisions."

    Tadeusz Kubala, Poland, the winner of 202th round of Rally Trade

    "I'm 61. Until recently I owned a business, but now I work at a factory. I started trading about 10 years ago. I always liked the field of finance. Forex is very popular in Poland. I think the reason is that the technology education here is on a high level. I mostly trade USD/JPY, USD/CAD and EUR/USD. When I trade I alternate between technical and fundamental analyses. For example, I won this round thanks to the latter: Canada's GDP went up 0.3% this June and I figured that Canadian dollar would grow stronger.

    All in all, financial market trading is not a very difficult thing. The real art of trading is in controlling your emotions. At the same time I think that a successful trader doesn't shy away from risk and has a strong spirit. I chose Grand Capital because of low minimum deposit, low spread, the absence of requotes and the safety of funds. My advice for the beginners is to deal with stress, not to be afraid to change your strategy and set adequate stop losses."

    Ebrahim Nejaddarzi, Iran, the winner of 385th round of Drag Trade

    "I'm 41 and I'm a teacher. I've been trading for 10 years. At first, I used to lose a lot, but now I focus on money-management and risk management. My most memorable trade was at the time of Brexit. Then I profited a lot from selling the GBP. I use a combination of moving average 55 and Ichimoku. I trade mostly USDJPY, GBPUSD and EURUSD. Demo contests help to understand the market better. I won this round thanks to fast decision-making. But the beginners should only make decisions based on thorough analysis of the situation and not on intuition, and learn from the others' experience."

    P.S. Read contest rules and sign up for the next round here.

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    Grand Capital launches the first blockchain-based secure Forex marketplace

    Grand Capital has been providing online trading services for over 10 years. During this time we became a prominent member of the global broker community. Participation in major industry events enabled us to compare our own experience with others. We analyzed the current situation on Forex and binary options markets and realized that the industry needs to change as there is still no means for traders to feel secure on the worldwide scale, when working with foreign brokers.

    We teamed up with our tech partners from UpTrader and set out to solve this problem. Now we are ready to present Serenity Financial, the first blockchain-based secure Forex marketplace for traders and brokers. Serenity acts as an intermediary that controls both parties. The platform utilizes modern technology, including cryptocurrencies and blockchain, which ensures the integrity of all trades and withdrawal transactions.

    Funding of the platform will be as transparent as its operation. We invite everyone interested in the project to participate in Serenity Financial ICO. Pre-ICO starts as soon as mid-November. Learn how the platform works and read about the ICO on Serenity Financial website.

    Denis Kulagin, Serenity Financial CEO:

    "Serenity is a unique project. It has all the potential to change Forex market and solve a lot of problems traders face. Serenity uses blockchain technology to record all trading and non-trading transactions. The platform stores funds and provides liquidity to brokers. It's Forex reinvented, a united, secure and honest Forex for everybody."

    The project is already supported by a number of brokerages and fintech companies which are ready to act as both partners and participants of the project.

    Dmitry Rannev, one of Forex pioneers and CEO of Rannforex:

    “I've always stood for transparent Forex. The project aims to increase transparency on the market, hence I support it. The idea is quite interesting and I think that it has all chances to evolve into something great.”

    Follow the news about Serenity on Facebook, Twitter, Medium and Youtube.

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    Grand Capital weekly recap (October 9th — 13th

    Here are the results of the last trading week. Follow the top traders!

    The most active client

    Placed 2079 trades, including 1213 profitable ones and 866 that resulted in a loss. The majority of trades involved EUR/USD, AUD/CAD and USD/CHF.

    Maximum deposit growth

    In one trading week on a single account was $50 664.85.

    The most profitable trade of the week

    In one trading week on a single account was +$13 012,83. The trade was opened on the 28th of September at 10:48 AM and closed on the 10th of October at 6:30 PM.

    The most interesting instruments chosen by traders:
    • WHEAT — wheat futures contract. The size of wheat futures contract is 5.000 bushels. Since bushel is a volume measurement unit, different kinds of grain have different weight equivalents. For wheat it's 136.00775 metric tons.
    • @ EJPY — euro/Japanese yen cross-currency futures. The trading volume is several thousand contracts a day, the contract size is 125 000 euro. Minimum price fluctuation is 0.01 yen for 1 euro or 1 250 yen per 1 contract. Initial margin is 324 000 yen.
    • # ROSNEFT — Russian oil and gas company. In 2013 in became the world's largest oil producer. In 2016 Rosneft was included in Fortune Global 500 (118th). Turnover: $80.8 billion (2016);
    • # MCD (McDonald’s Corporation) — an American corporation, the world's largest chain of fast food restaurants until 2010 which uses a franchise system. In 2016 it was included in Fortune Global 500 (420th). Turnover: $35.39 billion (2016);
    • # BAC (Bank of America) — an American financial conglomerate which provides financial services for individuals and legal entities. It's the largest bank holding company in the US by number of assets. Bank of America is 23rd among the largest companies according to Forbes (2015). Turnover: 83.416 billion (2015).

    Earn more with Grand Capital

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