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Thread: SuperForex - Company News

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    Default Whatís Happening in Iran?

    We take a closer look at the protests in Iran and how those might interfere with the global markets.
    Usually at the beginning of a new year we tend to take a look forward and try to give you some important events to look forward to in your trading year. However, right now something far more important is going on and we thought it would be best to take the time to talk about it: the Iranian protests.
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    Default EUR/USD Technical Overview & Daily Chart

    Today we would take another look at the EUR/USD currency pair. From around the middle of December the euro began to rally against the dollar and soared around 1.20 right after we entered 2018. However, as of this week the dollar has begun to recover some of its lost positions.
    More information see here
    SuperForex - EUR/USD Technical Overview & Daily Chart
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    Default USD/MXN: Fundamental Review & Short-term Forecast

    The last half of the 2017 showed that the MXN cannot resist the strong dollar, despite the rising oil prices and a relative improvement of the economic situation in Mexico. At the same time, the Mexican government didn't impact the MXN value. As a result, in December the inflation rate increased to 6.77% which is the highest level for the last 17 years. This has been achieved mainly due to the weakening of the Mexican peso.
    More information see here

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    Default USD/CAD Technical Analysis

    Yesterday, the US announced that in the near future they could withdraw from the NAFTA agreement and against this background the Canadian dollar fell under the sell-off against other currencies. Oil prices yesterday also stopped their upcoming rally and entered a corridor, which may well indicate the completion of the upward momentum.
    More information see here

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    Default What to Expect in 2018

    A look at what this year might have in store for some of the most popular currencies.
    2018 is here and so are some of the first report from Europe, Asia, and North America. With this mind, we thought it might be helpful to look at some general expectations that experts have for this year in terms of the financial markets: whatís going to grow, what would decline, and all that good stuff.
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    Default USD/CAD Technical Analysis

    For seven months we have seen a rise in the prices for petroleum. As of now prices have already reached three-year highs. At the moment the Brent crude oil prices have approached $70 per barrel and the bullish movement is in no hurry to weaken.
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    Default AUD/USD Technical Analysis

    Today, after the weekend and the celebration of Martin Luther King's Day, the US is returning to the market and we can expect an increase in the volume of trading, as well as increasing volatility in the markets. By the start of the trading day, after a prolonged fall, the dollar index won back 0.22% and we can expect that by the beginning of the American session.
    More information see here

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    Default GOLD Short Review & Forecast

    Investors are back to the safe assets. It's time for the deals to BUY.
    At the end of last year GOLD was decreasing in price amid a strong dollar and the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies. But in mid-December the situation began to change: Bitcoin's rapid growth is over and the dollar became vulnerable and less attractive for investors.
    More information see here

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    Default GBP/USD Technical Analysis

    Today we expect the release of data from the US on housing and the index of manufacturing activity from the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia for January, which is forecasted to be less than the previous month.+
    More information see here
    SuperForex - GBP/USD Technical Analysis
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