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Thread: SuperForex - Company News

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    Default EUR/USD Technical Analysis

    We are waiting for the confirmation signal.
    After yesterday's collapse of stock indices around the world, today most of them are trying to adjust to the fall. The dollar index yesterday showed a slight increase, reaching the level of 89.57 as the reserve currency strengthened against the basket of major currencies during the American session.
    More information see here

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    Default CAD/JPY: Fundamental Review & Forecast

    Investors this week prefer safe assets, so the JPY increased in price against the CAD. Short deals seem most effective now.
    The Canadian dollar, which had previously been supported by increasing oil prices and positive economic data, again came under pressure. The price of oil is rapidly decreasing because of the growth of oil extraction in the United States and the situation on the US stock market this week which have a significant impact on the situation on the market.
    More information see here

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    Default An Update on Brexit

    How are Brexit negotiations going in 2018?
    While economic news lately have been dominated by topics pertaining to the American dollar and stock market, as well as the monetary policies of the European Central Bank and the Bank of Japan, one very important event deserves to be brought back into the spotlight: Brexit.
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    Default USD/CAD Technical Analysis

    We expect the pair to move downwards.
    Since the beginning of today's trading session, the dollar index has fallen below the level of 90.00 and is currently losing its positions relative to the basket of major currencies.
    More information see here

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    Default NZD/JPY: Review and Forecast

    The JPY is strengthening against most currencies. The deals to SELL seem most effective in the middle term.
    The Japanese yen recently received significant support due to an increase in the demand for safe assets and economic growth in Japan. The yen has strengthened against most currencies. The NZD/JPY currency pair is no exception. After a long uptrend now a new trend has been formed in favor of the JPY.
    More information see here
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    Default GBP/USD Technical Analysis

    The dollar is falling.
    After the release of yesterday's inflation data, we saw an increase in stock indices and a weakening of the reserve currency, which was reflected in all other pairs, not in favor of the dollar. The dollar index showed a sharp decline, reaching its lowest since December 2014.
    More information see here

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    Default Global Inflation

    This week provided many inflation reports, but what do they mean?
    We have mentioned this several times within our previous articles, but today we thought it would be a good idea to look into inflation Ė the single most important determinant on the financial markets this year.
    More information see here

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    Default EUR/USD Technical Analysis

    We are waiting for a bearish movement.
    Today we cannot expect the euro to strengthen against the dollar after Friday's decline. Data released on Friday in the US showed the strength of the US economy and supported investors' optimism.
    More information see here

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    Default GBP/USD Technical Analysis

    The dollar has strengthened.
    Today the GBP/USD index from Investing was released and amounted to 46.1%. It indicates bearish expectations for the pair. Yesterday the US stock exchanges were not active due to the celebration of the President's Day holiday and our pair moved downwards.
    More information see here

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