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Thread: LiteForex

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    LiteForex: work schedule for Christmas holidays

    Dear clients of LiteForex Group of Companies, we would like to draw your attention to the change of work schedule during Christmas holidays.

    On the 31st of December 2010 all departments of LiteForex Group of Companies work till 13.00 (GMT +2). On the 3d of January 2011 the work of all departments will be resumed in standard mode.

    The change of margin requirements due to the standard market conditions is not planned for the Christmas and New Year holidays.

    LiteForex Group of Companies is glad to congratulate you with the coming Christmas and New Year. We wish you lucrative and successful trading!

    *LiteForex group of Companies reserves the right to change spreads for particular trading instruments, for a specific period of time and amount, which will prevent sniping-related abuse in forex trading strategies. "Sniping" means trading, based on profits acquired due to quotation malfunction. Spreads will immediately go back to their regular values once spikes stop.
    Sophie Hargrow
    LiteForex representative

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    LiteForex makes profit from participating in affiliate programs twice as big

    LiteForex group of companies improves the conditions of working on the Internet Partnership program and increases the amount of commission payments by two times.

    We highly appreciate the efforts that our partners put into their work when looking for and attracting new clients, that’s why we think that such efforts must be deservedly compensated.

    Now the profit amount that the affiliate program participants can get is 2 pips for each attracted client’s closed transaction.

    We hope that you will choose one of LiteForex’s affiliate programs that would suit you best (“Bring your friend”, “Internet-Partner” or “White Label”) when looking for reliable long-term cooperation partnership.

    The advantages of working within the frames of LiteForex’s affiliate programs have been already appreciated by competent editions and financial experts what is proven by such statuses as «Best Affiliate Program 2010» and «Affiliate Program Innovator 2010». Having become a participant of the above-mentioned programs, you can form your own opinion and assess cooperation with LiteForex .
    Sergei Shuvalov
    LiteForex representative

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    LiteForex Multi-Level Affiliate Program: Under this program you will earn additional income

    For those who wish to have their own highly profitable business in the sphere of Forex industry, LiteForex group of companies presents a new Multilevel Affiliate Program, participation in which will bring additional profit to the partners, working at the professional level.

    Now you can earn money just by attracting to the Company not only new clients but partners as well.

    According to the unique conditions of the Multi-Level Affiliate Program of LiteForex Group of Companies, you also receive additional 10% commission from the earnings of a client, attracted by you, who in his turn has registered as our partner. You will also accrue your benefit from trading of those traders who become the clients of LiteForex Group of Companies on the recommendation of a partner, attracted by you.

    When you become a member of the Multi-level Affiliate Program you earn:

    * 2 pips for each transaction by your client;
    * 10% commission on the earnings of your partner.

    Cooperation with LiteForex group of companies on existing affiliate programs deserved credence by the vast number of clients and reputable financial experts, as confirmed by status awards of the brand - «Best Affiliate Program 2010» and «Affiliate Program Innovator 2010»

    LiteForex increases the number of trading servers

    LiteForex group of companies informs its clients of the bringing a new trading server into service.

    In addition to the currently operating and servers intended for working on the trading accounts of REALForex and LITEForex type, respectively, a new server for trading on cent accounts - – starts to function.

    Bringing into operation of the server will enable faster transaction execution and will considerably reduce orders processing time.

    For MetaTreader4 to work correctly, we’re asking you to update your trading terminal using LiteForex site.
    Sergei Shuvalov
    LiteForex representative

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    Demo contests are really excellent. Congrats to winners.
    How long are you planning to run these contests?
    will they be still running in february?
    Since i would love to participate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babeblond View Post
    Demo contests are really excellent. Congrats to winners.
    How long are you planning to run these contests?
    will they be still running in february?
    Since i would love to participate.
    There are no plans so far to stop the contests.
    Sergei Shuvalov
    LiteForex representative

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    New winners!

    The winners of the contest LF IndexMaster (demo) LiteForex :: The LF IndexMaster (demo) contest, which was held on January 10, 2011:

    1st place 100$: Postman 1001090848 - 32088.03
    2d place 70$: MACLAUD 1001090699 - 29570.11
    3d place 50$: hice 1001090279 - 27312.45
    4th place 10$: INSTAL 1001089560 - 26769.05
    5th place 10$: dejan25 1001089408 - 23202.54
    6th place 10$: SVRay 1001090052 - 22527.28
    7th place 10$: linh 1001088525 - 21689.18

    Our congratulations!
    Sophie Hargrow
    LiteForex representative

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    New winners!

    Greetings from Group of Companies LiteForex to the most successful traders on demo contest LF Fighting, held on January 12, 2011 from 00:00 to 23:59:

    1st place 150$: clint 1001089993 - 112149.14
    2d place 100$: MeCulun 1001087696 - 97921.27
    3d place 70$: xieyunde 1001089347 - 89724
    4th place 50$: Markovka 1001091994 - 56177.16
    5th place 40$: DeKKO 1001091524 - 55500
    6th place 20$: xac 1001092199 - 43035
    7th place 10$: olyx 1001091177 - 38869.57
    8th place10$: Batista 1001092950 - 38670.75
    9th place 10$: fxdemocontest 1001091600 - 31975.7
    10th place 10$: okoroe 1001093021 - 28435.73

    The winners will receive real money prices, which will be credited to their trading accounts. These funds are available for trading as well as for withdrawal immediately after they are added to the trading account.
    Sophie Hargrow
    LiteForex representative

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    Very interesting contests... If I win, is it possible for me to withdraw prize money?

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    LiteForex’s successful partner

    If you are a partner of LiteForex group of companies and manage your own business of referring traders, then surely you deserve the appreciation of your activities, and additional reward.

    The “LiteForex’s successful partner” contest Forex Market Broker | MetaTrader MT5 | Forex Trading | LiteForex company provides a stimulus for our partners to strive for success.

    While taking part in the contest you will assure yourself in efficiency of cooperation with LiteForex under the Affiliate Program terms.

    Registration in the “LiteForex’s successful partner” contest Forex Market Broker | MetaTrader MT5 | Forex Trading | LiteForex companyis permitted at any time during the contest period – from January 17th till April 15th 2011. Each participant can register several partner accounts of his own.

    The participants, who will receive the biggest commission payout during the contest period, will be considered as winners. For each registered partner account a separate calculation will be carried out.

    The participants who have gained prize-winning places from the first to the fifth will share the prize fund of $2000.

    Sophie Hargrow
    LiteForex representative

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    New winners!
    New winners of the demo contest LF IndexMaster LiteForex :: The LF IndexMaster (demo) contest, which was held on January 27, 2011 from 08:00 to 16:59 according to the server time (GMT+2, indicated in the platform):

    1st place 100$: Selvakumar 1001104807 - 41916.34
    2d place 70$: linh 1001105938 - 32340.67
    3d place 50$: smaster 1001105557 - 30849.82
    4th place 10$: Landush 1001106246 - 27083.94
    5th place 10$: danil 1001106013 - 25532.81
    6th place 10$: DISA 1001106468 - 22844.15
    7th place 10$: HONG 1001105363 - 22238.55

    New winners!
    New winners of the contest LITEFOREX FIGHTING (demo) LiteForex :: Конкурс LiteForex Fighting (demo), that was held on January 26, 2011 from 00.00 till 23:59 according to the server time (GMT+2, indicated in the platform).

    1st place 150$: cabor 1001104879 - 373060
    2d place 100$: flyrock 1001104700 - 297875.07
    3d place 70$: Rahul 1001102351 - 197592.18
    4th place 50$: PAGANINI 1001103665 - 111918.5
    5th place 40$: PanochitaAmor 1001104554 - 77441.65
    6th place 20$: MrKing 1001102326 - 72950
    7th place 10$: basilio 1001101238 - 67385
    8th place10$: rasxodomer 1001102814 - 36788.06
    9th place 10$: nickola 1001105023 - 36278.8
    10th place 10$: Postman 1001102334 - 35322.18
    Sophie Hargrow
    LiteForex representative

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