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Thread: Alpari spread

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    Alpari (UK) introduces flexible spreads – minimums on average 25% lower than current fixed levels – Tuesday 18th August 2009 (23:00 GMT)

    From market opening 18th August 2009 (23:00 GMT), Alpari (UK) will be tightening minimum spreads across all currency pairs and precious metals on Demo and Live accounts.

    Flexible spread minimums will be reduced, on average, by 25% and up to 60% for some currency pairs compared with current fixed spreads. Refer to the table below.

    With the introduction of additional price feeds, clients will be able to access significantly tighter spreads as we pass on the benefit of the tighter spreads available to us from the Interbank market.

    Flexible spreads will also bring a greater degree of price-transparency to clients’ trades along with institutional-level pricing and lower transactional costs.

    The introduction of significantly lower minimum spreads supports our commitment to providing clients with the most accurate Forex pricing, better execution and wider market access. We will also take every opportunity to tighten them further in the future.

    During certain times of the day, periods of lower liquidity and when there is increased market volatility, spreads will naturally widen. Fully understanding the dynamics of flexible spreads is key to better-informed and more considered trading and the Alpari Academy will soon feature new tutorials and expert, impartial advice on the topic of spreads.

    naturally .
    What do you think

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    Market maker. I have an account with alpari and it's not good one.

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    I've been with Alpari for a while and the change certainly wasn't for the good if you're scalping. Some of the spreads during the Asian session are way too high.

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    <Flexible Spreads>
    This is win-win for brokers, they can advertise 'lowest' spreads (naturally only available during European/US session) AND they can trash many commercial EA's with Asian session spreads that are much greater than the EA's Take Profit!
    One example, Alpari EURCAD is around 6 pips non-Asian, can be 12-30+ during Asian
    FXCM has had AUDNZD at 65 out of main session!
    My EA's check spread before each trade, I dont think any commercials do that, as many have severe losses in August...

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    Exclamation alpari ru Not good place for trade

    they are not good carefully , this broker is not good , bad sever and stop or High spread in news time , bad support bad speaking in English in telephone , bad money back and in the all i never tel a friend open account with this broker

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