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Thread: InstaForex, your provider to the world of Forex

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    Lottery of Modern Devices: the Winner Determined
    Company continues to make surprises to its clients offering a great variety of contests and campaigns, making their trading qualitative and joyful. The campaign Trade Wise, Win Device provides every customer of the company with the opportunity to become the owner of a modern device: iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and Samsung Galaxy Tab.

    According to the results of the last contest step luck was on the side of Alexandr Buzunov, trading account number 5087955. The successful trader visited the company's office in Moscow and received a desired prize - iPad.

    Our congratulations to the winner one more time! And do not forget that every customer of InstaForex Company has a chance to win a mobile device, just enroll in the contest on its official page. The devices are raffled once in two weeks, and the winners are determined with the help of a transparent mechanism of forming a so-called Device number.

    Register in the campaign and next time you can try walking in the winner's shoes!

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    Miss Insta Asia 2012 Results
    The third round of Miss Insta Asia, the unique beauty contest, came to its close on October 1. During a year people were visiting the official Miss Insta Asia website to vote for gorgeous contest participants and leaving comments on the pages with their videos, photos and profiles.

    On the basis of the rating results, six winners were determined. The title of Miss InstaAsia 2012 went to Yekaterina Nagornaya! We sincerely congratulate the beauty queen and five other finalists on the glorious victory! And, ladies, keep on inspiring traders with your gracious elegance.

    The gorgeous Miss Insta Asia 2012 winners shared the contest prize pool of $40,000:
    Miss Insta Asia: Yekaterina Nagornaya; Chernigov, Ukraine - $20,000;
    Forex Lady: Marina Zhabina; Khabarovsk, Russia - $8,000;
    Miss Posh: Yana Shiyka; Kharkov, Ukraine - $3,000;
    Miss Creativity: Natalya Gorelova; Sevastopol, Ukraine - $3,000;
    Miss Smile: Francesca Ferretti; Sha Tin, Hong Kong - $3,000 ;
    Miss Spice: Tatyana Malakhova; Vladimir-Volynskiy, Ukraine - $3,000.

    The awards ceremony where the winners will be handed in account bonus certificates will be held at the annual ShowFx World financial exposition in Kiev on November 17-18, 2012.

    The third round of the beauty contest gained popularity among Internet users from all over the world. Over 700 beauties from more than 50 countries of the world partook in the beauty contest. Several thousands of photos and videos were uploaded to the beauty contest website, and about 5,000 people voted for the girls.

    Learn more about Miss Insta Asia 2012 results and finalists on the official beauty contest website.

    Miss Insta Asia 2013 has already started! Be sure to take part in it!
    Best regards, PR Manager
    Learn more about InstaForex Company at

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    One Million in Two Weeks with InstaForex!
    InstaForex always provides you with the latest updates on international market events as well as company's news. Today we would like to tell you about an exceptional situation. Despite its originality, it demonstrates the unique opportunities you can get on exchange market. Recently, one of our clients Akhmad Arief made the daydream of millions of traders real. After two weeks of active trading, he managed to increase his start-up capital up to $1,000,000!

    This story began when Akhmad opened his $1,000 trading account with InstaForex in the beginning of July. During two weeks he was trading such currency pairs as GBP/USD and EUR/USD. Nobody expected that he could become a millionaire by the middle of the month using risk strategy!

    "We have never seen such trading before and will hardly see soon. Even in conversion to the working days the yield was 100% per day during 10 days in a row. The profit volume is astonishing as well as the length of such win-win and risk strategy as the client used all the money on his account for the next deal. But every time lady luck was on his side," - Aleksey Badjyanov says, representative of the Dealing Department.

    The chart shows the balance of #2065757 live trading account. Within the first two weeks of July, the account holder earned over one million US dollars with the initial deposit slightly more than one thousand US dollars. Eventually, the account balance was running $1162092.42. The second half of July appeared to be far less successful for the customer: he lost all his profit.

    Having earned $1,000,000, Akhmad decided not to stop. However, Forex market is known to be very unsteady due to frequent oscillations and change of trend directions. Successful deals were followed by deals opened against the trend direction which led to profit loss.

    Of course, foregone million disappointed the trader. However, Akhmad is not in despair and is already planning to win again. For him, as for many other traders, this situation was indicative of endless possibilities on exchange market which proved that one can make up a fortune out of modest capital! Nevertheless, it is important to benefit from the achieved results and also not to be affected by the astounding success.

    Interview with Mr. Ahmad Ariff

    InstaForex: How long have you been working on Forex?
    Ahmad Ariff: About 5 years, starting from 2007 until now. Before, I used another platform with another trading system (different from MT4) that limited me to less money I could earn. Then my friend recommended me InstaForex that used MT4, so I can trade higher trading volumes.

    InstaForex: It’s a dream of every trader. How did you manage to make fortune from such a small initial deposit?
    Ahmad Ariff: Depends on the graf (high-recommended to sell, low-recommended to buy), besides, I used Forex trading signal, RSI, PPO, stochastic, technical analysis, and future fundamental analysis.

    InstaForex: What currency pairs have you traded?
    Ahmad Ariff: My favorites are EURUSD, GBPUSD, and AUDUSD.

    InstaForex: Why have you chosen them in particular?
    Ahmad Ariff: For me, fundamental points of these currencies are easier to read and forecast.

    InstaForex: What leverage have you chosen for trade?
    Ahmad Ariff: I start with 1:200. And I will change this parameter if I need in the Client Cabinet. This is a very attractive feature of InstaForex.

    InstaForex: Did you plan to earn such a huge amount when started trading?
    Ahmad Ariff: Of course, yes.

    InstaForex: You made a dream of million traders come true, what do you feel after losing it?
    Ahmad Ariff: Really really frustrated... I was not in front of my PC when it happened. I was engaged in outside work during that time... so I couldn't close my open position.

    InstaForex: Do you plan to repeat it and get a million back?
    Ahmad Ariff: Yes!

    InstaForex: If you succeed to make a million again, what will you spend it for?
    Ahmad Ariff: Clear all my loan, buy a new house, new car, do other investment and some charity's work.

    InstaForex: What in your opinion helps traders earn on Forex: their skills or good luck?
    Ahmad Ariff: Skills are very important, as a trader, a lot of new traders, should learn some basics, such as indicators, patterns, technical analysis, and fundamental analysis, but good of luck not all traders get it.

    InstaForex: Do you think your profit was a result of your hard work or just an accident?
    Ahmad Ariff: I've 5 years experience as a trader. It is hard to become rich with small initial deposit, but if you've a lot of money, let's say USD100,000 and more, you can rapidly earn money in short term... believe it!

    InstaForex: What will you advise the beginning traders?
    Ahmad Ariff: For new trader, please learn some basics, follow your leader, ask them why, why and why and most important is gain experience in trading.

    Competent active trading and compliance with you trading strategy make it possible for every InstaForex trader to reach the most cherished objective and add a new name to the list of the most successful traders.

    Good luck in trading with InstaForex!

    The material is prepared by InstaForex PR Department with the consent of the owner of the trading account № 2065757 Akhmad Arief. In October, in the terms of ShowFx Asia in Singapore there will be a video interview with the trader which will be published on GC InstaForex resources.
    Best regards,
    PR Manager
    InstaForex Companies Group
    Corporate Blog

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    Success and Trading with InstaForex
    If you are not among the participants of InstaForex contests and campaigns, it is high time to join them! You can enjoy captivating trading tournaments and also get valuable prizes and gifts. Everyone has a chance to win as luck can be on your side at any moment. Hurry up to register for the next steps and try your fortune!

    InstaForex Sniper
    It is clear that the ability to reach the desired target is half the battle of any business. When it comes to trading with InstaForex, you can succeed in one of the most popular contests held among demo accounts - InstaForex Sniper. Novi Sonari Ilham from Indonesia is the winner of this week. Register for the next step right now, and since October 21-26, 2012 you could fight for the main prize. Do not miss you chance, registration is over 1 hour before the contest start.

    One Million Option
    Every trader has to walk a crooked path from a theorist to expert, from newcomer to a professional. But even now you can gain extra profit participating in One Million Option challenge by InstaForex. All traders are welcome to take part regardless of their experience of training. Last time Sergei Borisov from Russia was the luckiest to leave all the opponents behind. Remember, anyone can be the winner! Do not forget to register for the new step which will start on October 21, 2012.

    InstaForex Great Race 2012
    Another step of annual InstaForex Great Race 2012 is over. It is one of the most large-scale contests among demo accounts. The number of participants is increasing with every year gathering tens of thousands traders from all over the world. Babak Ekhlasi became the winner last time. You can also struggle for the total grand prize of $55,000. Just register until October 28, 2012 for the upcoming contest which will take place from October 29 to November 30, 2012.

    Trade wise, Win Devices
    None other than trader knows that it is very important to constantly have an access to a trading account. Fancy brand new mobile device is the best way to keep abreast of currency trading events and what is more pleasant you can get it from InstaForex for free. The company holds a unique raffle off of such devices as iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and Samsung Galaxy Tab. Hendarwan from Indonesia has already got Blackberry smart phone for the victory in the last step. You can take part in the next contest which will be from October 28 to November 9, 2012.

    Try your luck and win with InstaForex!

    To learn more about contests

    Photos and comments of the finalists

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    InstaForex Participated in IV ShowFx Asia in Singapore

    Several thousands of visitors took part in 2-day exposition organized by ShowFx Asia in Singapore. Free busses were aimed to transport citizens of Shah Alam, Kuala Lumpur, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka, and Johor to this event. The exhibition took place in Marina Bay Sands Hotel and pleased its quests with high level of services provided. Both InstaForex clients and those who are interested in InstaForex world and striving to join it in order to get as much qualified assistance in trading sphere as possible, visited this exciting expo.

    Traditionally the participants could study exhibition booths of the participants and discuss them. Such experts in financial sphere as Arief Makhmor, Asri Mahmod, Matthew Chew, Thomas Saw, M. Azhanudin Kasdi, Choo Koon Lip, and Kartamn Hu took part in workshops, seminars, and trainings. Dr. Rakesh S. Rajangam, InstaForex partner and speaker, became the highlight of the exposition. He gave lectures on How to be successful in trading and The 5 types of courage for Forex market. Professor got a big hand for his report and managed to cut the ice with experienced public

    The exhibition impressed with its information value of the presented speeches as well as modern devices which were raffled off during the event. InstaForex Company has drawn two iPads while ShowFx pleased the guests with two Samsung Galaxy S3 phones. The luckiest ones got 4 certificates for $1,000 and one for $1,500 for their InstaForex accounts.

    Yet another top-level exposition took place in Singapore. InstaForex Company is grateful to ShowFx Asia, speakers, and, of course, the participants of this event.

    The photoreport of the event is available in InstaForex blog.

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    Now's the Time for Awards!
    Participants of InstaForex contests remained steadfast in their determination to win and eventually the best of them reached the finish line. Their passion and purpose went hand in hand. With a help of good luck as well they now stand on winners’ podium to get the deserved gifts and prizes. Meet the winners!

    InstaForex Sniper
    Let us announce the winner of InstaForex Sniper, one of the most popular company’s contests. This time the top name in the winners’ list is Andrei Svinin (65413119). Congratulations! You can also take part in the competition among demo-accounts. The next step of the contest is to be held within a week of November 4-9, 2012 and registration will last till November 3, 2012 up to 23:00(GMT+3).

    Trade Wise, Win Device
    Just for those who like modern gadgets, InstaForex Company prepared this campaign. According to its results people are prized with different innovative devices. The winner of the fortnight Trade Wise, Win Device campaign is Artem Ginevskiy. The organizers' generosity knows no bounds so you can also become that lucky person. You can join the campaign, which will take place November 1-23, 2012.

    FX-1 Rally
    Speed and excitement. These are two words associated with the FX-1 Rally contest. Our traders go in the direction of success through sharp turns of Forex market and looking forward with shining eyes. Fady Makary Rizk (65412424) finished first as the fastest trader. His prize is $500. You can take part in the contest next Friday, November 7, 2012. Do not hesitate to register on the relevant page of the InstaForex website.

    One Million Option
    Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Today Elena Kosteletskaya is the winner of the One Million Option contest. She was brave enough and managed to be the first. You also have an opportunity to try your fortune and get $500. Just register for the contest, which will be held from November 4, 2012 to November 16, 2012.

    Learn more about the contests
    Photos and comments of the finalists

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    InstaForex is Happy to Congratulate the Winners!
    InstaForex Company sums up the results of another contest week. We thank all the participants for encouragement and honest fight due to which the tournaments were interesting indeed. The temperature was high until the last minutes as the leading position was going from one contestant to another. That is why the price victory is so high.

    InstaForex Sniper
    InstaForex Sniper weekly contest checks traders’ accuracy and reviles the most talented shooters. Anyone can take part in the next step of the contest which will be on November 11-16, 2012. Registration for InstaForex Sniper will last till 23:00 (GMT+3) November 10.

    Rally FX-1
    Every Friday Rally FX-1 gives a chance to the best Forex racer. If you are ready to accept the challenge, and astonish everyone with some stunt driving, you are welcome to the next rally from 00:00 till 23:59 (GMT+3) next Friday. Register for the tournament at the relevant webpage.

    Real Scalping
    In October Aleksey Shibaev turned to be the best scalper. Congratulations on justly achieved victory! If you want to try your hand in quick trading, register for the next step which will be held December 2-28, 2012. Register for the contest on the official page before23:00 (GMT+3) December 1.

    Lucky Trader
    John Gabril proved to be the luckiest in the two-week battle. Congratulations on Lucky Trader title, may all your undertakings be successful. The next contest is taking place on November 18-30, 2012. Hurry up to register for it until 23:00 (GMT+3) November 17. Join the winners!

    To learn more about contests
    Finalists’ comments and photos
    Best regards,
    PR Manager
    InstaForex Companies Group
    Corporate Blog

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    InstaForex Company Work Schedule for Christmas and New Year Holiday Period
    We would like to draw your attention to InstaForex Company work schedule during Christmas and New Year holidays so that you could plan your trading time according to it.

    On December 24, 2012 the market will close at 20:00 (UTC + 03). December 25 is a non-working day. On December 26 the market will open at 09:00. The Client Support department will start working from the same time as well.

    The market will close on December 31, 2012 at 20:00. Client Support will be unavailable as well. January 1, 2013 is a non-working day. The market will open again on January 2 at 09:00. From this time all the departments of the company will start working as usual.

    In addition, please note that opening orders on exotic currency pairs (Forex Crosses 4 and Forex Crosses 5) will be unavailable from December 24, 2012 to January 4, 2013, but there will be no restrictions to close orders.

    All the other trading conditions of InstaForex Company remain unchanged.

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    InstaForex Participated in ShowFx World Expo in Kiev
    ShowFx World financial exposition took place on November 17-18, 2012. InstaForex Company was the title partner and the participant of this event. Exhibitionin Kiev proved to be a great chance for introduction of company’s services and offers as well as it gave an opportunity to meet potential and current clients.

    The guests were very interested in company’s booth and asked many questions about innovative broker's services, bonuses and ways of funds replenishment and withdrawal. Every visitor received InstaForex Club card which enables to accumulate bonuses up to 40% for every replenishment.

    Official program was accompanied by the performances of well-known specialists in the field of market analysis. The guests readily participated in discussions of speakers' reports.

    All the visitors enjoyed the solemn award ceremony of Miss Insta Asia 2012 finalists. Ekaterina Nagornaya was chosen as the most beautiful lady and got the crown together with $20,000 prize money. Five other winners shared the rest of the prize pool.

    As a part of exhibition, InstaForex raffled off valuable prizes and bonus accounts. Some of the guests were lucky to get three $500 bonus certificates, and fancy mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, and Samsung Galaxy Ace 2.

    InstaForex Company expresses its appreciation to ShowFx World administration for high-level organization of exhibition in Kiev and also thanks all the visitors for their attention and participation in promo campaigns. InstaForex hopes to see you again at the next financial event!
    Best regards,
    PR Manager
    InstaForex Companies Group
    Corporate Blog

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    InstaForex is Serving Over 1,000,000!
    InstaForex Company is happy to announce that the number of company’s clients reached a landmark figure! Now more than 1,000,000 clients prefer InstaForex to other companies!

    Due to our partners and clients’ dedication we always keep abreast of the times. We do everything to make your cooperation with InstaForex comfortable and fruitful. A wide range of services of high-level, trading experts, and individual approach help us to be on top of brokerage services market. Up-to-dated informational technologies, reliability, comfortable and qualified servicing allow InstaForex to create all the necessary conditions for beneficial work of both newcomers and seasoned traders.

    Success and confidence of our clients are of great importance for InstaForex. That is why we are interested in amicable collaboration based on mutual trust, honesty and commitment to reach the desired goals.

    Thank you for choosing us!

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