Axis Odl - Any feedback?
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Thread: Axis Odl - Any feedback?

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    Default Axis Odl - Any feedback?

    Has anyone used Axis Odl yet?
    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    Forex Trading, Broker and Software provider for FX, CFD's, Gold, Silver Futres and Options Trading - AxisODL

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    I am using Axis Odl for about 6 months or so. I love their order execution, reqotes only on volatility market. I hate outstanding order execution. The orders worked out when the price even didn't touch the order a few pips. I was trying to contact their support and sent the chats, but they replied with not enough information, didn't close that orders and didn't return pips. As I sent a few such e-mails with different situations they even stopped pay attention and mixed up my sell with buy. I think it is horrible. Be careful with take profit and stop loss, the price will always touch stop loss and rarely take profit. If you close positions manually, that is fine. Depositing and withdrawal is fast.

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Axis Odl - Any feedback?