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    I am experiencing an extended NO CONNECTION problem on my multiple Gomarket live accounts. The problem is NOT on my VPS as other Brokers are working fine. Does anyone have any news or insight as to what is happening... could one of you aussies go and knock on their door...wake them up and tell them to reboot their servers?? Their traders are going to start closing their Gomarket accounts... Their "Live Help".... isn't.....

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    I've had similar problems recently with Go Markets. I rang tech support and they told me they reboot thier servers everyday at 10:30am (EST). This doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me seeing as though thats peak aussie ASX trading time.

    I had my trade knocked out last night at BE with a spread of over 16 pips!! its normally 3-5 pips. The support said because of the 'uncertainty' the spreads are going very large atm. They said that EJ had over 70 pip spread during news time.
    WTF are they playing at?

    I want a fixed spread broker again. This floating spread BS is crap.

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    July/August is very low volume time as many of the larger banks, hedge funds etc. are not trading any significant volume. That means large spreads. Be very careful trading until September.

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    Thanks for the wisdom Droland, I have heard this before also.

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    yes I have had the same thing. Servers reboot spreads go crazy. Sucked me in with tight spreads and then shafted me in other ways..... I've closed my live account with them and moved to another MT4 broker in Australia.

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    Go markets they seem to increase the spreads at news time so your stops get hit instantly. Beware. apart from making money on each order look at live price & execution price they make money here too... ive noticed delays in execution leading to delayed orders. they also may use virtual trading broker.

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    Connectivity of trading softwares is also important, without connectivity how can anyone trade? Its software’s fault, so before choosing any broker, check the software which he will provide.

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    There are plenty of software platforms available on the internet it is just a matter of finding one that suits you and has the tools to fit in with your trading style. Don’t be afraid to test out other software primarily with a demo account until you find the right package.

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