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    Default Gap in history data - Alpari UK

    I have noticed that there are gaps at my chart. And in the History data.

    These two periods that i have noticed are:

    20100312 to 20100325
    20100507 to 20100610.

    I use Alpari UK. And it's the same thing no matter if it's Live account or demo account.

    I have been in contact with Alpari support and they told me one way to fix it.
    It was to delete 10-15 data before the gap and then refresh the chart. Well.... that sloved it on the chart but when i looked in the History Data the same period was stil missing.

    So i contacted Alpari again asking for advice. Then they send me a .cvs file containing the missing data for the period of 20100507 to 20100610. I imported it and the gap was gone. The chart showed correct and it was correct in the History Data as well.
    Now i have asked them to send the missing data for that other period as well.

    But next week then? What to do then? I need to optimize my system next week also and most probably i won't get 90% modelling quality if i doesn't download new historical data. But then i will have these gaps since the download of the history stil will be Metaquote history.

    Alpari used to have a download facility for historical data on our website but unfortunately it is no longer available.

    So how do one solve this problem when it arrives in the future?
    Regards / JoLi

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    I think you can only ask for cvs files for your missing data. If you want to fix the gap you can directly call them, as you did. Still, as you said that you want to download the history and the option is not available over there, in that case you can again ask them for your historical data. This is the only way left for you.
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Gap in history data - Alpari UK