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Thread: EmpireGlobal, full ECN, +195 instruments, MT4, MAM, Managed Account, Payment Services

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    More advantages you will find with EmpireGlobalfx:

    - Tight variable spreads. Trade EURUSD at 0.4-0.6 pips, silver at 0.2 average.
    - Full ECN environment with access to immense liquidity pools.
    - Scalping allowed, no restrictions.
    - Hedging allowed.
    - EA's supported with INSTANT EXECUTION.
    - Leverage from 1:1 to 400:1
    - Currencies, commodities, metals, indices, shares and etf's counting almost 200 instruments for trading.
    - No conflicts of interest with our customers.
    - Internally managed accounts service through MAM technology and free MAM module for money managers.
    - The most convenient payment services, wherever you are in the world.

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    Lightbulb Carry the world markets in your wallet.

    EmpireGlobalfx offers convenient payment methods to benefit our customers from all the advantages technology has to offer. This is the case of our pre-paid cards services and our secure international accounts.

    EmpireGlobalfx opens you the world markets (almost 200 instruments) for you to trade freely. Do your best at the market and send earnings the moment you make them to your pre-paid card or international payments account. Simple as that. Trade and profit > send the funds to your card > withdraw anywhere you are in the world.

    You can load funds to your card with no restrictions and as many times you want!

    Our international bank accounts also offer you the advantage of sending your funds to your new account, where you have your international master card linked.

    EmpireGlobalfx. Trade the markets and access your profits, anywhere.
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    Thumbs up Empire Global Fx announces upcoming European FSA regulation.

    Empire Global Fx is proud to announce the upcoming Incorporation in Hungary with registration at FSA. Along with this structural growth, new headquarters in Hungary will be inaugurated.

    No doubt, great news to all our friends and customers. Thanks indeed for your support!

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    You can already download our MT4 platform directly from our website! Trade almost 200 CFD's in pure ECN environment with instant execution. Expect our latest news in payment services which will exceed your expectations soon!

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    Why Choose Empire Global FX?

    Get a full ECN brokerage, nearly 200 instruments and the best market conditions.

    Full Trading Spectrum:
    Trade currencies, commodities, metals, indices, shares and ETFs with no restrictions. We offer almost 200 instruments for you to trade freely. Our commitment of delivering the world markets locally is reflected in our everyday work, research and improvement of services.

    No Restrictions:
    Unrestricted scalping, hedging and EAs. Scalping, hedging and EAs are welcome and no restrictions are imposed. Trade comfortably, our work is opening the markets to you and offering you the best conditions for your investment.

    Freedom of Choice:
    Choose your leverage. From 1:1 up to 400:1, whatever makes you more comfortable.
    True ECN account. Starting only at USD 500 you will have a true ECN account. No conflict of interests, no restrictions.

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    Tight Spreads:
    Our variable spreads are unmatched. Get all the time the best prices from ten major banks at any time. Trade in EUR/USD in an average of 0.4 – 0.6 pips.

    Best Trading Platforms:
    Trade with Metatrader4 and MAM (multi account manager) module for traders. Obtain your MAM for free and become a professional trader in minutes. Offer a top service to your customers.

    Speedy Trades:
    Trade the market within seconds and feel the difference of STP.

    Immense liquidity:
    Access very deep liquidity pools when trading the markets through us.

    Funding facilities all over Europe:
    Fund your account in 4 different denominations through our European network of correspondent banks.

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    Managed accounts:
    With full liquidity and real time access, starting at 10.000 USD. Watch your investment grow with us.

    White Label and Liquidity Bridge:
    Brokerage solutions to start up your business and liquidity bridge for Brokers looking for ECN environment.

    Constant growth and research:
    Join a growing brokerage firm which will do constant research and innovation for your benefit.

    Exclusive services:
    We offer exclusive banking solutions for our customers for payment and financial circuits purposes. This includes our unique pre-paid cards system, with which you can withdraw funds from the market in only minutes.

    Apply for an account with Empire Global FX. It’s quick, easy and hassle-free. Simply fill out our application form and email us your ID documentation and you will be ready to trade the world markets, anywhere you are.
    Still have questions? Chat live with one of our representatives and see how easy entering the market can be with Empire Global FX!

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    Post Gold drops amid risk aversion after record highs

    Gold fell on Wednesday after hitting record highs near $1,630 an ounce, as a broad sell-off of riskier assets prompted bullion investors to take profits amid mounting fears of a U.S. debt default.

    Gold initially benefited on news a vote on a deficit reduction plan offered by House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner was pushed back to Thursday from Wednesday amid stiff opposition by his fellow Republicans and Democrats.

    Trading volume just partway through the session was the highest since May and was on track to be one of the heaviest trading days of the year as investors focused on the gold market as a safe haven on looming risks of a U.S. default.

    Bullion could pull back sharply if a deal to cut long-term U.S. deficit dampen market fears, analysts said. The metal is still up around 8 percent in July on euro zone debt fears and uncertainty ahead of the August 2 deadline to raise the U.S. debt ceiling.

    "With each passing hour of this brinkmanship on the U.S. debt situation, gold becomes more attractive," said Bill O'Neill, partner of commodity investment firm LOGIC Advisors. "However, there is a very definite danger of a quick snapback if the debt talks were to settle very quickly."

    Spot gold was down 0.5 percent at $1,609.89 by 12:34 p.m. EDT, after rallying to a record $1,628 an ounce.

    U.S. gold futures for August delivery were down $5.80 an ounce at $1,610.90. Trading volume already topped 320,000 lots, set to be one of the heaviest sessions in 2011.

    Silver was down 1.4 percent at $40.29 an ounce.

    Sharp losses in the U.S. equity markets and industrial commodities such as crude oil prompted investors to take profits in the gold market to cover losses elsewhere, analysts said.

    Gold option traders said that more investors are using option strategies to protect their profits made in the underlying gold futures.

    "The dealers are definitely buying puts and selling calls," said COMEX gold options floor trader Jonathan Jossen. "When you see these dealers are doing this ... they are looking for a move down or just locking in their risks."

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    Electronic Communication Network. An electronic system that brings buyers and sellers together for the electronic execution of trades. It disseminates information to interested parties about the orders entered into the network and allows these orders to be executed. Electronic Communications Networks (ECNs) represent orders in NASDAQ stocks; they internally match buy and sell orders or represent the highest bid prices and lowest ask prices on the open market. The benefits an investor gets from trading with an ECN include after-hours trading, avoiding market makers (and their spreads), and anonymity (which is often important for large trades).

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    Thumbs up A very interesting article from a colleague Trader.

    How to choose the right broker?
    The most common and most important question for every trader!
    Every broker is good – until you won’t make some substantial profit. At that point you will ask
    yourself whether you chose the right broker because your broker will not pay you the profit or
    because you will suddenly experience some very strange behaviour when trading. From this
    point on your account will be 'flagged' and the broker will turn on all add-ons and applications
    which will trade against you. And there is more! A lot more!

    First filter: If the broker is not ECN/STP then they will trade against you. We call such brokers
    the market makers. Just read their agreement which you have to sign when you open a trading
    account with them and you will find that they are a counter party. With your acceptance of their
    agreement you actually agree that they will trade against you. When you trade with them you
    are playing with numbers only and you do not trade on the market at all. If you win – they lose
    and that is why they will not allow you to make any serious profit.
    Unfortunately these days you can find that few of those bucket shop brokers are starting to
    offer ECN trading too: It could be real but we can’t believe them. 99% possibility is - with their
    ECN platform they are NOT on the market either. Have they stolen enough money from the
    traders and can change their ways? NO! They invented one more way to steal your money only!

    So there are a few more filters to avoid such scammers:
    2. If a broker is offering funding through electronic payment processors like Liberty Reserve,
    Money Bookers (and similar) or e-gold even – it is not real. There is no market in the world
    where you can use electronic money to buy stocks or trade with options, futures or forex. All
    these markets recognize hard cash only. A real broker will not risk the time and unknown and
    unpredictable costs to exchange that funny electronic money for real money. A real broker has
    to deposit real money and nothing else to their liquidity provider to cover the margin.

    3. Avoid brokers who offer financial bonuses. It is stated in every agreement that nobody can
    add or withdraw money to/from your account. So how can they add funds to your account?
    They will not add a penny. They will only change the Balance number on your trading account.
    But those are numbers, not money: Don’t forget – you are not on the market with such brokers.
    You just play a game with numbers against your broker.
    Let us say you have some experience with forex already. And now think: have you ever seen an
    offer for a financial bonus from any of the real, already recognized safe and reputable brokers?
    No? Of course not: They are in business between you and their liquidity provider. They live on a
    tiny part of spread or commission and not from scamming retail traders. So there is no place for
    3 or 5 or even 20% of bonuses on every deposit.
    Under the same category there is also the too low spread or even zero spread: Those scammers
    are not on the market so they can give to you whatever spread, even zero. Because they do not
    pay a commission to a bank, they do not hold your deposits with liquidity providers. Have you
    ever heard of any free bank service? No? Of course not! Bankers are the richest in the world
    because you are paying them all the time! And it is the same with liquidity providers who are
    paid from spread too so zero or extremely low spreads on the real market do not exist. And a
    real broker has to live on some part of the spread/commission too. The conclusion is very
    simple: Spread on eur/usd below 1 pip is a fairy tale or scam.
    Your broker has a fixed spread? For sure it is market maker then and they manipulate price. On
    real market spread is changing every second! Spread depends from trading volume: Bigger is
    volume – lower is spread. So logically – fixed spread doesn’t exist!

    4. If you are already trading and are constantly receiving error messages like ‘requote’, ‘wait’,
    ‘trading context is busy’, ‘quote is accepted’, ‘request is in process’ and so on – you are trading
    against a classic scamming broker. These errors do not exist on the real market with real
    liquidity providers. Every liquidity provider tries to execute any transaction instantly and as fast
    is possible: there are simply always a few traders on the other side who are trying to open an
    opposite position from you. The part of retail trading is still so small that lot size we trade it
    seems maybe big for us but in reality on that $4 trillion daily turnover – means nothing. So – if
    you are receiving the above mentioned errors it is because the software of the trading platform
    looks for the worst price which can be delivered to you, nothing else.
    Your broker doesn’t allow scalping? Or you have to place SL & TP order 5 or even 10 pips away
    from market price? They have dealing desk and they trade against you hard!
    Your broker doesn’t allow Expert Advisors (EA)? Or your EA is working properly on demo but on
    real account does not? Run away! Your broker is scammer and they will steal your money!

    5. Why is there such a small number of ECN/STP brokers on the market? The answer is simple:
    95% to 98% of all retail traders are losing only. So if you decide to open a brokerage company
    – which form will you choose? Why would you choose the hard way of looking for liquidity
    providers, one where you even have to deposit $10 million on their account just so they are
    willing to give you their feed? On the other hand, when you are one of those thief brokers you
    just need to make a nice web page and buy a license from Meta Quotes… and you are in
    business! Whichever math you do – the payouts to those 2% of winning retail traders can easily
    be covered with 20 or 30% of the losers… and the rest of the deposits are pure profit for bucket
    shop brokers.

    6. EVERY broker is good until the retail trader is losing or he/she is trading with a small account.
    But what happens if you make some significant profit with one of those scamming brokers?
    Below you can read about the experience from only one good trader; we do not want to bother
    you with many examples. Should we publish all the stories we know from the successful traders
    – you would realize that there is no broker – market maker – who will pay you out if your profit
    is a little bit bigger.

    7. We know you have one more question… Most of the brokers who scammed our successful
    trader from article 6 are regulated by NFA or FSA or any other regulation bodies… How is it
    possible that those brokers did not pay out the profit? This thing about the regulation is just one
    big misunderstanding: if a broker has a NFA number that does not mean any security for your
    funds at all. Regulators do not deal with your money! Brokers are just members of NFA under
    some number and all they have to do is accept some rules from these regulatory bodies, which
    does not mean they will pay out your deposit or profit. And if broker – market maker – has a
    NFA number – it will still be your counter party and it will trade against you. And if a broker
    disappears tomorrow or goes bankrupt – the regulatory will not pay a cent. The brokers know
    that almost nobody will take legal action against them because it is too expensive, especially if
    the retail trader is not from the country where the broker is registered.

    There is more… but these few filters and facts that we have mentioned above are so obvious
    that every beginner can recognize them easily. We hope you now know that only ECN/STP
    broker and brokers with direct access to interbank liquidity are the right choice if you want to
    protect your money!

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