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Thread: Liquid Markets

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    Default Liquid Markets

    Dear Traders,

    My name is Maria and I am the Social Media manager for Liquid Markets. For any inquires regarding our Broker and services provided please do not hesitate to contact me as I am here to assist you and make your trading experience with Liquid Markets as pleasurable as possible.

    Mission & Vision

    Setting itself apart from other brokers by offering fair and ethical trading conditions, Liquid Markets has established a reputation for a high quality approach to its operations and outstanding client support. Over the years the company has accomplished unparalleled growth and tremendous success, and is proud to have received recognition in the industry by way of multiple awards.

    Regulations & Licenses

    LQD Markets Ltd is licensed and regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC license number 103/09), and adheres to precise due-diligence procedures and best practices. Fully understanding the importance of providing safety and security of clients' funds, Liquid Markets complies with the CySEC regulations related to the safety of clients' funds, including the Capital Adequacy and Large Exposures Directives.

    Thank you,

    Maria Appiou
    Social Media Manager
    Liquid Markets
    Phone: +357 25 200 900
    Fax: +357 25 373 783

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    How does Currensee work in four simple steps?

    Currensee is a type of social network where Trade Leaders can be viewed and chosen based on their Performance
    You can pick Trade Leaders, insert them to your portfolio and control your asset allocation with each
    The execution trades of your selected Trade Leader are automatically executed in your Liquid Markets trading account via Currensee
    Evaluate the performance results

    More info: Liquid Markets Currensee Social Trading

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    Default Liquid Markets

    Like the Liquid Markets Facebook page and get exclusive access to Trading Tools : Liquid Markets | Facebook

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    The liquid markets are a network which trade leaders can be viewed and chossing our performance.which you can evaluate our performance results.

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    10 things to consider before you open a Live trading account
    1. The Broker
    2. The Process
    3. The Account
    4. The Platform
    5. The Deposit
    6. The Forex
    7. The Pair
    8. The Package
    9. The News
    10. The Risks
    Read the Full article here: Liquid Markets Blog | Forex News and Reviews

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    What is Forex trading?

    The foreign exchange market, also known as the forex market, is one of the largest, most liquid, and most traded financial markets in the world. Online currency trading, also known as online forex trading, provides constant trading opportunities as the value of international currencies are always changing in relation to each other.

    More info:

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    Forex Broker Liquid Markets Continues Expansion With Portugal Offices

    Liquid Markets, the online FX and commodities trading broker, is proud to announce the opening of its new offices in Portugal, where it will provide services to the local market, offering Forex traders the best possibilities to profit and enjoy an enhanced trading experience.

    Forex Broker Liquid Markets Continues Expansion With Portugal Offices

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    Get your FREE Forex Tutorial Guides only at Liquid Markets!

    At Liquid Markets we are committed to enriching the trading experience of our clients, and provide numerous Trading Tutorial Guides for the purpose of educating and increasing your knowledge base.

    View Tutorial Guides here: Forex Trading Tutorial Guides

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    Autotrade the FOREX market with confidence!

    Founded in 2006, ZuluTrade has become one of the major autotrade destinations worldwide.
    Around the clock automated trading on the Forex market.
    Web interface enables signals to be executed even when your computer is turned off.
    Hundreds of signal providers for automated trading.
    Easy to use classification system to choose an optimal signal provider.
    Full compatibility with MetaTrader 4.


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    Liquid Markets 100% Guarantee Your funds are safe with us
    Dear Clients and Partners,
    The delay created by EU officials and the Cypriot government in attempting to reach a bailout agreement has created much uncertainty. Itís normal for people to be worried, however *we wish to confirm that:
    The funds you have deposited are completely safe because they are being held in UK and German banks outside of Cyprus. Consequently, there is no risk whatsoever to your funds being lost, levied upon or seized in any way shape or form. In fact your funds are safer in a trading account than in a bank account these days.
    Read more here: Liquid Markets 100% Guarantee

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