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Thread: ACM / Swissquote bank

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    Default ACM / Swissquote bank

    I have been looking at using Dukascopy bank and FFT Mt4 bridge , but it looks like the fees and comms will add about 1.5pip to their spreads.

    Acm brokers had a bad reputation in 2008/9 but in 2010 they were taken over by Swissquotes bank, does anybody here have any experience with Acm or Swissquotes ?

    If they are owned by a big Swiss bank I would have thought they would behave in a reasonable manner rather than like a bucket shop ..

    Or am I being to optomistic ?

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    Do you have looking for the spreads by ACM?
    The spreads are really crazy....
    When you will try forex with small money, then are out there a lot of cheaper brokers.
    If you will trading with a bigger Account, then can you have Non Dealing Desk Brokers!
    Good luck Vibes

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ACM / Swissquote bank