It's been a long time since almost everybody wanted to get my EA, I said that I won't sell it, but now I am writing too say that my Expert Advisor is available for purchase.
My decision reason is that, I am aware how disappointing most EA's
are in the market.

***ATC 2007 Winner Expert Advisor***-atc2007-png
If you don't remember check this site:
Reports Better - Automated Trading Championship 2007

My EA got first place, it's great and it is still the same till now.

Of course I have made a couple optimizations, to make it more stable and reliable.
At this moment my main occupation is still trading.
I have read about and saw a lot of EA's which is made for only selling not to earn money.
But I think proof of my EA performance is result of competition.
I am ready to share reliable Expert Advisor.
My goal is not to only sell it, I will help you to set it appropriate settings and if you have questions I will answer to them.
Profit guarantee or your money back.

So if you are interested in, please let me know.

Best Regards,