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Thread: Forex Breakout Direction Indicator & EA (Set & Foreget)

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    Default Forex Breakout Direction Indicator & EA (Set & Foreget)

    Away From Keyboard Forex

    Forex Breakout Direction Indicator & EA v5

    Complete Set & Forget Trading System

    14 Day Trial available, see website for details

    The Forex Breakout Direction Indicator has been created by Away From Keyboard Forex for day traders to take advantage of the volatility of breakouts, when a currency pair has been trading within a set range over a set period.

    Can be used on any currency pair and time frames 1 min to 1 hour, but settings and results shown are from the 1 hour time frame

    The indicator will display if the currency pair is in a tight range and expected direction of the future breakout.

    The indicator displays the strength of the signal which enables you to see if a valid buy or sell order is setting up.

    Each signal is displayed with entry, stoploss and target price values.

    The EA is there to assist you to place your trades, auto set take profit and stoploss values and manage the trial stop. The EA will also not trade if the range exceeds the maximum allowed value

    This thread is for the new v5 Indicator and EA

    Results verified via

    All previous traders will get this update sent to them within the next couple of days

    New traders welcome

    New indicator and / or EA will be sent within 24 hours of receiving the MT4 account number to be licensed

    Results updated 24/07/16 @ 13:26
    Started 19/06/16
    w/c 17.07.16
    Pips banked = -650.9
    Account growth = -1.58%

    w/c 10.07.2016
    Pips banked = 908.7
    Account growth = 1.12%

    w/c 03.07.2016
    Pips banked = 4282.6
    Account growth = 13.36%

    w/c 26.06.16
    Pips banked = -723.9
    Account growth = -4.98%

    w/c 19.06.16
    Pips banked = 280.1
    Account growth = 5.44%

    July 2016
    Pips banked = 4537.4
    Account growth = 12.83%

    June 2016
    Pips banked = -101.5
    Account growth = 2.20%

    Pips banked = 4093.6
    Account growth = 13.04%


    25 Traders using the Forex Breakout Direction Indicator & EA
    7 Traders currently testing via 14 day trial

    Version history
    Launch to public in March 2016
    Used set take profit and stoploss value for all 28 currency pairs
    Used a manual close method to gain best results
    4% risk per currency pair
    Used ADX to calculation of breakout direction and strength

    Update to EA for better calculation of money management
    Whatsapp service introduced

    Removed sell limit and buy limit orders
    Used ADR to calculate take profit and stoploss values
    Used 50 EMA and 200 EMA trade filter system
    Does not trade during the news

    Conservative and Aggressive approaches used with the EA to suite trading style
    Visual colour 50 EMA to see if the pair is trending or ranging
    ​Money management, risk / reward reduced to improve safety of account
    Max range shown within indicator

    Removed ADX for breakout direction and strength
    Uses built in custom indicator for breakout direction and strength and trade filter system
    Limits to 16 currency pairs to trade
    News trading rules modified
    Set & Forget approach with rules for manual close at end of trading day
    Attached Images Attached Images Forex Breakout Direction Indicator & EA (Set & Foreget)-fp1-png Forex Breakout Direction Indicator & EA (Set & Foreget)-fp2-png Forex Breakout Direction Indicator & EA (Set & Foreget)-fp3-png 
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