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Thread: Forex Shocker

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    Quote Originally Posted by AZJeff View Post
    Hello Plandy,

    Very nice info on the gomega xray ea. Would you be kind enough to list the link to where those results you mentioned are?

    Sorry Jeff I didn't save the the link since I was searching for a quick cue to determine whether to abort or continue research on GoMega. I used the following search string on Google to find page "forex gomega gbpjpy review opinion test" then flipped through from 2 to 5 pages when it popped up.


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    Quote Originally Posted by onu View Post
    i got some serious doubts...
    hehe, that's exactly what I meant. It rips your account apart!

    Well, we all know that there are just no holy grail EAs that can turn your $1000 into a million in one year with little to no drawdown, without risking your account from getting wiped, and continue working for the long haul!

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    Thumbs down So far no good

    Friends, sorry to say that so far Shocker has been a consistent loser. It seems to get worse with each passing day. For now I have to warn you not to buy. But I'll keep testing for at least the end of this new month.


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    Lightbulb Shocker Update

    Take a look at the attached statement.
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    Does this make up for all the losses?

    I mean to say, it's early days yet. Their live test results show a pile of losses as well... but again, it's early days.
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    As you already suggested it's a bit too early to know if shocker can recover from losses. In the first days of testing this EA I was playing around with different lot size so it's a bit difficult to say when shocker recovers how well it does it. For testing purposes, from here on, I've decided to stick with 1.0 lot.

    It appears to me, as with most EAs, that shocker is sensitive to news announcement. So on big news day it can lose and very big. Let's keep watching this EA in correlation to normal and big news day and see what happens. For now I am guessing this EA might be profitable to run maybe 2 to 3 weeks out of each month while turned off for the rest.
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    Arrow Daily Update

    Here's today's update.
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    shacker is 2 here
    no loss?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wang View Post
    shacker is 2 here
    no loss?
    If you look at Shocker's website you'll see several chart which illustrates how it can dive down the chart for up to 2000 loss. But then it recovers which is readily apparent in my test as well. So yes it can and it does lose, the question can it be profitable in the long run? For now it appears that this EA may and can be a winner in long run if applied properly. Most importantly it needs to be kept turned off on big news days. At least this is my personal opinion.

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    Arrow News Update

    Only one trade but it was 100%.
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