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Thread: EB-Turbo

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    Default EB-Turbo

    EURCHF Backtest Jan 1st, 2009 to today.
    And the full report at:
    Strategy Tester: EB-TURBO

    **please note: I am not saying; "Wow look a perfect EA; the Holy Grail!!" No, on the contrary I am simply trying to show the potential EB-Turbo has as a trading tool for those that are patient, diligent and aware of market dynamics. There will always be traders that purchase an EA and then let it rip full tilt on every pair on maximum risk setting! You can imagine the results !!
    Two down, two to go...
    best regards--
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    Fact is u are promoting a commercial EA and as long as u dont show us a long time running LIVE state it remais an EA with curve fitted backtests.

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    Default commercial

    Hi Onu;
    yes, I am promoting a commercial EA.
    I have a live statement here:
    MT4 Stats - Share your MetaTrader 4 Statements with the world
    again, I just publish to the service , the link is sometimes down.
    Also I posted this live statement to the FAQ's page of our website when EB-Turbo was ready to be released:
    Statement: 604xxxx - EB-Turbo Live
    As I mentioned the backtests are just to show potential.
    --best regards

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    Default backtest

    Here are the backtests for GBPUSD (350 pip stoploss) and EURUSD (200 pip stoploss) pairs.

    Strategy Tester: EB-TURBO
    Strategy Tester: EB-TURBO

    The EURUSD test is full blast both barrels; taking a $1000 account to 2.5 mil in 9 months. Is it realistic?; or course not, look at the crazy drawdown. I will attempt to most a more sensible test for the EURUSD pair soon but it takes about 3 hours to run and I think smoke is coming out of my PC.
    best regards--
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    Well, EuroBlaster cost me a lot of pips a little while back. Yet the backtest results showed no loss whatsoever oer the same period. Mmmm...

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