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Thread: Genius

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    Hey Hameed412412,

    i bought it and it is scam

    any one wants it just send me pms i hate it and i hate the way that the owner is treating his customer with

    if it is simply a scam i wonder how he can publish on his website: h**p:// a live-account that works definately with real money. He withdrow the 17.09. and the 28.09. once 1200,- and 800,-. A withdraw of money is definatly only possible on a live-account.
    He started the account the 10.09. with aballance of 2000,-, withdraw twice and now has a ballance of 5997,-.

    Check it out:
    AccNr: 3770
    Passw: ka22oka
    Server: (GCG-Server)

    If it is another EA he is running on that account it is a great EA still.

    Hameed412412 if you still offer it for free i would love to have a copie just to test and play around.


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    The GCG-account is a real-money-account and the GeniusEA is earning good profits there.

    But please take the time to read in forums about GCG broker.
    They offer 1 Pips spread on all pairs.
    Nobody can do that.
    It is a joke.

    Just watch spreads at ECN-brokers, they are variable and on many pairs are way above 2 Pips.
    I have seen spreads of 3 Pips up to 26 Pips on EURCHF for example at JadeFX and other ECN-brokers.

    But of course GCG offers 1 Pip fixed on that pair.

    Next question:
    Have you asked Dominic if he got the 2000 Dollars he requested to withdraw from GCG ?

    That is maybe the most important question to ask, donīt you think ?
    Because there are people around who claim that GCG stole all of their money and never paid out the profits neither the initial balance.

    Let us know if you find at least one client of GCG who got his withdrawals from them.

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    whatever broker it is, it must be shady because i have read that most brokers don't allow you to manipulate the system like that. If your ea places trades on lag times alot they will just shut down your account. I don't understand why they care?? they are still making money

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    I have bought it also.
    but it works amazingly with 121 securities!
    kind of suprised to see complaients here.

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    Can you show us a live statement please and did 121 securities allow you to continue to use this EA?

    Quote Originally Posted by rainson View Post
    I have bought it also.
    but it works amazingly with 121 securities!
    kind of suprised to see complaients here.

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