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Thread: Genius

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    Default Genius

    Anybody know that Genius EA ?
    how it's work , what the rules etc.
    probably next asian scalpper ec and eg

    ok.that it is

    only 2000$
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    i have requested the owner of that EA to run a demo account on FXDD ( EUR/USD ) 2 pip spread so that i can make sure that it is working ok or not . i am waiting for his reply

    and if it gives 20% from the performance that he is showing on his website i am going to buy it for sure


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    I like the last two balance pic, Relative & Maximal Drawdown is 100%. But at least he does not lie.

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    I do not have the EA, but judging from the account history. The thing just seems to be a mad scalper and hedger. Perhaps it tries to only buy or sell depending on the 4H trend and then just open as many positions as possible, two per candle and close them when they score 2 pips in the clear. Not hard to make a robot like this, and with enough checks and balances in the code (to avoid NFPs and the like), it could be hugely profitable over time.

    Note that it is run on the M1 in the example pictures.

    If I recall, somebody tries to make a scalper like this on another forum....
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    :::Check 4xproject post from a user ::: apparently there is some strange stuff with the brokers :::

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    That's right.... apparently this EA uses the live feed of a faster ECN/STP broker to feed into the trading engine of on a livetrading slower broker. THAT'S where the accuracy of the bot comes from.
    It's a system that relies heavily on broker speeds. It treads a fine line between honest trading and arbitage.

    Somebody actually purchased this thing and couldn't get it working on a live account.

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    I am in contact with 4 people who bought the Genius-EA.
    None of them earns one Cent with it.

    The Genius-EA uses a modified Mt4-platform, where it operates 2 Robots ( Master and Slave ) on 2 instances of this modified platform.
    The Master-EA is attached to currency-pairs with low spreads on a broker with fast price-feed ( JadeFX or other ECN-brokers ).
    The Slave-EA is attached to the same currency-pairs on a broker with a slow price-feed ( with Dealing-Desk ).

    The slave is hunting for 1 or 2 Pips which it sometimes gets on Demo-accounts, if the buyer of the Genius was lucky enough to find the profitable broker-combination .

    But it never ever works on the live-account of that broker with the slower price-feed.

    One buyer found a combination and ran it on a live-account and made a few pips profit there, but the next day the broker closed his account because they donīt allow such scalping.

    The seller of the Genius-EA refuses to give refunds. He is very cynical to his clients.

    He claims that he has found profitable broker-combinations and is earning money with the Genius-EA, but nobody believes him anymore because he refused to publish it on mt4stats or myfxbook .
    He told his clients that he does not need to prove anything to them and they should have read the disclaimer before they bought the EA.

    In fact: he is a thief who ran out of profitable brokers and now "earns" money by selling the worthless robot for 2000 USD.

    Some of his victims tried to sell the cracked Genius on e-bay or another platform for 990 USD.
    I contacted one of them and he admitted that it is impossible to find a profitable broker for this trash-robot.

    My advice: Donīt send money to the scammers.
    The Genius-EA is fraud.

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    The main logic of the bot is that it trades between the lag time of price feed from various brokers. If you were to check the statements you will realize that most of the time, the trades which are opened are usually closed within that given period, holding time of a few secs. Most live brokers will not allow this.

    There will be 2 EAs for this to work, one is called the Master and one is called the Slave. The Master EA will be attached to the Fast Demo brokers' EURUSD and GBPUSD charts, while as the Slave EA will be attached to the Slower Live broker's EURUSD and GBPUSD charts.

    The Master EA's job is to record the price feed from fast latency broker(s) and store them in a file with the following file name "log__EURUSD_2009-10-12.csv" & log__GBPUSD_2009-10-12.csv. What is recorded in those files are basically, date & time and the current price.

    The Slave EA's job is to use the data collected from the "log__EURUSD_2009-10-12.csv" & "log__GBPUSD_2009-10-12.csv" files to analyze and check if there are gaps between the price feed given from the fast broker and the slow broker. If a gap is present, the Slave EA will execute the trade and take its profit accordingly.

    The user is allowed to have as many "Fast brokers" for mass gathering of price feed data, in which certain combination of broker(s)' price feed of master and slave will result in profits.

    This EA in itself is a scam, and the developer refuses to share his working broker(s) combination with his customers, on top of that he refuses to refund. Please exercise discretion.

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    i bought it and it is scam

    any one wants it just send me pms i hate it and i hate the way that the owner is treating his customer with

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    Quote Originally Posted by hameed412412 View Post
    i bought it and it is scam

    any one wants it just send me pms i hate it and i hate the way that the owner is treating his customer with
    I have the unrestricted GeniusEA.
    You can test any broker-combination, live and demo-accounts.
    If somebody is willing to spend 90 bucks for it, please send me a PM.

    The big question is: will anybody find a profitable broker ?
    If you want to play that game, it is cheaper for 90 bucks than for 2000 bucks.

    I am testing and testing too....

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