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Thread: FXNitro

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    Has anyone else got this? I feel like a sucker for getting this one. The web site made so many outlandish claims but I couldn't resist.

    I've had this running on a demo for a week now and it's down overall. The thing that worries me mostly is that the backtests are completely different to the web site. They claim it hardly makes any losses but in my backtests I get around 40% of losses. On top of that I'd expect to get less trading live as some of the profits are so low (e.g. 1 pip).

    I'll give it some more time but I feel I might be asking Plimus for a refund.

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    I hope you do but I think you'll be lucky getting a refund from Plimus. I had a problem with my last one.

    I just PM'd you with a question regarding the EA.

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