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    Hi everyone I have frequented this wonderful forum many times and made many new friends. I wan't to tell you all about an EA I found over the past few months that seems to be doing well for me. It's called Lexxus and it's a trend based system that looks for big movements on the GBP USD. If you look at the performance test results at Forex Peace Army you will see that Lexxus and Lexxus Pro are near the top. I personally have been trading the EA for 2 months and at the end of every month I am making good pips!! If you have any questions about this great EA please don't hesitate to ask me or you can join me on FX Route Forum too as I am there to talking with other Lexxus users. http://fxroute.forexlexus.com/
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    Lexxus PRO is doing great so we've added it to our bestforexrobots.net site. We plan to place it on a real-money account soon.


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