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    Profit : 3.10%
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    DD : 0.00%
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    Might have to add this one to the blog for testing, can't believe its still going.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ForexFBI View Post
    Might have to add this one to the blog for testing, can't believe its still going.
    Been running fairly successfully since August 2009. Can't say I have seen many others that have run that long, and can still boast over 600% profits. Large DD, from a bad trade when trade server went down, other than that, over 1,000 owners, and not blocked by any broker .

    Not one to usually jump on these threads bit when I see " can't believe its still going " have to wonder why such a statement other than the expected crash of the " midnight programs" here to day, and gone tomorrow.

    This is not an AD for my program as most members here already know about it.

    Like any progam if greed gets in the way there is always the possibility to kill any account. Proper management is always necessary and there is no such thing as a fully walk away auto trader in my small opinion.

    Happy pips
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