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    Hi guys!

    The Forex Samurai Service was released in June 2010. It is created by the developers of Forex Kagi. The vendor provides a set of bonus indicators and has a very useful documentation. This signal service works on two pairs: EURUSD and GBPUSD. All the optimization is done on the samurai server.

    You have to attach Samurai EA to one chart only - it will work with the proper currency pairs in any case.

    The Forex Samurai will use necessary parameters from the server and choose a pair according to the signal.

    The only disadvantage of such approach - there is no way to do the backtest in MT4 because the trading logic is located on the server part.

    All you can check is a live statement from more than 17 months of trading on the robot's website. The results are pretty impressive - 10k account turned into 170k

    You can check my forwardtest of Forex Samurai and till this moment it have great results of trading.

    Regards, Mark.

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    I'm sure that almost everyone has heard rumors that there is an elite group of Forex traders using some kind of system to earn millions of dollars a year from the Forex market. These guys are not using a robot but a system that utilizes a real trader's brain that executes trades in real time and automatically. I believe they are very genius in what they do actually.
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    Is that true Victoria? One of the best I have come across is makemoneycurrencytrading dot co dot uk as they run free webinars and training. And they run live portfolio so you can actually see if their strategies are making profit live. They send out a daily report each day with the trades.

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