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Thread: My Money Machine Expert Advisor

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    I programmed an expert advisor and named it by "My Money Machine".
    The following is the result of the last 12 trading days,

    10/11 net profit = +2.5%
    11/11 net profit = +4.1%
    12/11 net profit = +4.1%
    12/11 net profit = +2.5%
    15/11 net profit = +0.6%
    16/11 net profit = +7.3%
    17/11 net profit = +4.1%
    19/11 net profit = +3%
    22/11 net profit = +2.753%
    22/11 net profit = +1.9%
    23/11 net profit = +2.5%
    26/11 net profit = +7.3%

    Total Proft = +42.54% in just 12 trading days

    I already posted the server, username and data info for watching how my system works tick by tick.

    You may read and check about it if you go to my BLOG.
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    Martingale system ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Surfeur View Post
    Martingale system ?
    i thk the graph speak for itself lol

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    $149 is way too much for this risky Martingale with probally hugh drawdown

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    it's too dangerous for Martingale if only using $149. I think martingale need bigger deposit that $149.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yazsamyeter View Post
    thanks you share
    Share? Where? xD

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    All 9 of your posts say...

    "thanks you share"

    Do you think that we are going to visit your blog after your blantent, feeble attempts to advertise it here for are not even a trader...

    Please funyoo... delete the 9 posts and ban this idiot...


    P.S. funyoo, just a friendly suggestion...Signatures should be turned off to thwart these internet junkies from spamming this site. No one should be able to advertise here, especially non trading related crap...I can say that I do not agree with even having threads for commercial systems other than providing a trash can to move threads to...Anyone who wants to advertise here in the commercial section should agree to give you the mq4 file for your subscribers area...

    Quote Originally Posted by yazsamyeter View Post
    thanks you share
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