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Thread: Hello Wallst - The Discount King...sort of!

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    Default Hello Wallst - The Discount King...sort of!

    Hi Guys,

    Hello Wallst is in the business of “Pimping your Trading Yo”.
    We got all the bling (EA’s , Trading Systems, Indicators etc) but without cracking your bank account.
    All the latest and greatest trading goodies at up to 80% discount and best of all…. Everything is above board!!! (no copies or clones).

    “Get it now for only $97.00”, we say booooo to that and by the way…. Why is it always $97.00?? Someday we would love to see something sell for $ 98.00 or $ 96.00.

    So how does this work?

    Well… discounts, the legit kind, are everywhere on the interwebs you just have to know where to look, and yes we found them and lots too.
    According to us there are three (3) groups of discounts floating around.

    Discount 1: VENDOR DISCOUNT

    Vendors love to try and convince us that the infamous “$97.00” is the absolute best price for their awesome thingy….UNTIL we click on the close button. Then miraculously we are offered a measly $10 off.
    But what most of us don’t know is that these sneaky vendors normally hide even bigger discounts from us, until now that is!!! There is a weird satisfying, slightly twisted, feeling that overcomes us we find these little treasures and we literally can’t wait to share our booty with everyone.

    So… Little Guys 1, Vendors 0

    Discount 2: VENDOR DEMO MODELS

    Affiliates (arghhh) are the minions of vendors, they spam us and they spam us good, flooding our inboxes with the same regurgitated hoohah. But being the optimists we are we tried to see the silver lining wherever we can, and finally we it dawned on us that affiliates no longer have to be the red-headed step child of the dark one, instead they can serve a higher purpose…DISCOUNT.

    Vendors encourage their minions to buy their products for testing, reviewing whatever, some affiliates are so lucky they are given free copies to do this, but as you can imagine every affiliate has many many products that they have to “review” and that’s exactly where Hello Wallst saw a small but profitable gap. We kindly offered to take some these copies off their hands at a reasonable price. Normally we buy it from the affiliates for the selling price less their commission and ofcourse a tiny admin fee is also tacked on.

    E.G. $97.00(Selling Price) - $67.90(Commission 70%) = $29.10. Now that’s a proper discount!!!

    So … Little Guys 2, Vendors 0

    And last but by no means least:

    Discount 3: Pre-Traded Copies

    Forex traders are the ultimate pimps, we demand the latest and greatest of all things trading related. We have an insatiable appetite for all thingys forex. We once heard a trader say ”That robot is sooooo last week man, you’ve gotta check out XXXX”, ok not really but you get the idea. We move onto the next best thing at a frightening pace. That’s where Hello Wallst enters and saves the day. Once again we graciously offer to take these products off their hands at a very reasonable price and pass on the massively ridiculous discount to YOU. These are normally our biggest discounts…up to 80% off the selling price.

    But this being the interwebs we have to careful… so before we hand over one of these Pre-Traded copies to you, we make sure that it isn’t some cheap clone or illegal copy. Cause afterall nobody likes a cheap knock-off.

    So there you have it!!!

    Come say hi to Hello Wallst and let the discounting commence.

    See ya soon


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    GPS Forex Robot 70% Discount

    We have managed to secure 21 Pre-Traded copies, of which 7 have been sold.

    Below is a screenshot:

    Click Here for a Direct Link to this offer

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    Hector Trader Forex Course now has a whopping $100.00 discount.

    We don't know how long it will be before Hector Trader takes down this offer. So hurry

    CLICK HERE to take full advantage of this offer

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Hello Wallst - The Discount King...sort of!