Hello everyone, I came here to talk about the new automated trading system that will launch soon, the goal will be for April.
The system is called Gekko GIG and comes from an exemplary strategy of consecutive wins in all the pairs that we put. We are perfecting it to work in CFDs and Commodities.
However in Forex is very robust. Gekko GIG is in competition MyFxBook and jumped from 96th place to 33rd in less than 15 days with a profit of 125% in 11 days. For reasons of competition the Gekko GIG was "stretched " to give the maximum in a short time, because it is a month of competition. Frankly we do not care to get to a 1st place but have a consistent gains until the end.
The Gekko GIG will be rented by the month, because we know the consistency of this strategy and therefore we want to show that we want to profit from something that is actually profitable and not selling it simply because we know he will not break after afew months.
Here is the link of the competition:
Contest - pfinancial System | Myfxbook
I am waiting for your appreciation.

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