London Forex Open Breakout Forex Strategy

The Asian Market Range/ London Open Strategy

The London Forex Open trading system was first released in 2009 and has since then gained a strong following from traders around the globe.

It offers a simple and profitable early morning breakout strategy which can be used on a number of currency pairs at the opening of the London markets.

Primarily it is used to trade GBP/USD (Cable) although the supplied indicator offers full user customization so that you can set up custom entry prices, profit targets and stop levels.

All results for the system are published online and updated at the end of each week.

Booked over +3450 pips last year on GBP/USD alone!

Key Features

- A fully featured trading strategy for capturing morning breakouts
- Trade the core strategies in just 10 minutes per day
- MetaTrader 4 Indicator and template supplied
- Full colour instruction manual provided
- Settings and trading rules included for GBP/USD breakout, false breakout and advanced trading
- Long track record going back to 2009 (live results)
- Full email support

Find out more at the London Forex Open website now.