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Thread: New tool to open orders with 1 click and change order TP/SL dragging lines.

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    Thumbs up New tool to open orders with 1 click and change order TP/SL dragging lines.

    We’ve created a new expert advisor which allows quick and convenient trading with MT4.

    LOCQuickLinesTrader is an expert advisor (EA) for Metatrader 4 (MT) platform. It is developed to speedup different manual order operations like opening orders, changing order parameters and other. It allows changing orders simply by dragging lines right on the chart.

    1. Changing market orders Stop Loss, Take Profit levels by dragging lines on the chart.
    2. Placing market and pending orders with one click.
    3. Changing pending orders by dragging them on the chart.
    4. Can handle any number of opened or pending orders on the pair.

    With LOCQuickLinesTrader EA you can open orders with one click. Also you can change stop loss, take profit and pending orders by dragging them right on the chart.

    Watch video overview:

    Download 14 days FREE Trial.

    Let me know if any questions.
    LOCTrailing is an automatic trading stop loss trailing and breakeven Expert Advisor
    Also check LOCTrader EA. It Uses special FREE signal indicators to open orders, breakeven, trailing included.

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