A bank normally extends its branches only when it is on the verge of a major expansion into different areas. Banks like LoanMax of rod aycox fame have expanded its operations to areas outside its earlier center of operations. This firm now has operations in more than 20 states and the branch network is likely to spread out within a short span of time.

On the other hand, the government sector banks and private banks with a large number of smaller branches are also making their presence felt. By following traditional technologies and management practices and with a good network of branches, they are serving the needs of the common people including those belonging to the rural strata of the society also. So, the comparison of branch efficiency for banks with different organizational set-up and working with different objectives is not valid in certain contexts.

In the rural areas almost all the prominent banks do not have branches or operations of any kind. Most of the rural areas were covered either by the government controlled banks or their affiliated networks. Banks like LoanMax have posted impressive results mainly due to the fact that they have never turned away people from any strata of the society.

Even the small entrepreneurs now look to banks like LoanMax to meet their immediate needs. Even though the financial needs of the small players are rather low, it does not mean that they do not need additional income. They do need finances when launching a new venture. In such situations, only if the banks have a liberalized approach will the needs of the entrepreneurs be met.

With each passing year, rural America is urbanizing at a rapid pace. The increase in rural population is the main reason for such a situation. Thus, if the leading banks are able to predict the future economic boom, they will certainly get a head start if they are able to make their presence felt at these places at the earliest. Most of the successful rural banks in the United States are those that could successfully analyze and cash in on the developments in the rural centers.