Big jump in US home sells
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Thread: Big jump in US home sells

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    Default Big jump in US home sells

    US Home sales were surprisingly strong last month.The National Association of Realtors says sales of existing homes jumped 7.4 percent in November, much more than the 2.5 percent analysts had expected. The government has been encouraging home-buying with tax benefits.
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    The unemployment rate has worsened in many states. Without a job, it’s going to be tough to make mortgage payments and get debt paid down.

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    S&P revises United States outlook to negative, what's the next?

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    Until Obozo and his imbeciles (Pelosi, Reed and ALL the demonuts) are out of office, negative is all there is.... He just wants to borrow and tax...with no regard to controlling spending. Fiscal insanity doesn't even begin to describe this liar.

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    It has been heard since last few years that real property has gone a push back in USA too, due to which a surge on fledged business was prevailed in whole country... But as posted now... It looks like this period is almost over. And real property is in sway again!!

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    Aurinff This quote is from an Assoc. Press article this morning.....

    "Last year was the worst for new-home sales on records dating back a half century."

    Nothing good will happen until Obozo and all his democrat idiots are out of Washington...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BillR View Post

    Nothing good will happen until Obozo and all his democrat idiots are out of Washington...
    (roll eyes sarcastically)
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    So far no improvement since the date of this thread. Hmmm.

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Big jump in US home sells