FX Disparity EA (Request Please)
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Thread: FX Disparity EA (Request Please)

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    Default FX Disparity EA (Request Please)

    Dear Funyoo

    From : FX Disparity EA

    Help me please.

    Can you help me to modify EA OVERLAYCHART or DISPARITY.
    1. Trade have every timeframe ..
    2. We can open order buy / sell the manual.
    3. Close order on Graph the two touch each other.
    4. Then you can not order buy / sell them. The open order buy / sell the manual.

    Thanks so much and I'm not good at English. Sorry.

    Best regards,
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    It is the correct one. When the chart is the same for the two orders in automatically. I only.

    I am a very open orders completed. To turn off com com. Or out of the house. I am surprised that this is anymore.

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FX Disparity EA (Request Please)