EA execution problems in live trading
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Thread: EA execution problems in live trading

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    Default EA execution problems in live trading

    I have a general question regarding EA's. In backtesting the EA's open and close positions without error. But in live trading the EA's sometimes fail to open or close an order.

    So in backtesting all is good. But in live trading 2 errors happen:
    - if first order is closed, then pending orders are 30% of the time not automatically deleted
    - if second order is opened, then the third pending order failed to create.

    Can anybody explain why please? Anything to do with execution time? And how can I code a solution for this problem?

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    Hi michaellobry,

    Add comments to your EA, counters of pending orders and open orders.

    Try different ways to code your delete function.

    Sometimes Metatrader is not able to create the magic number for the freshly open order. So, it is better to apply one EA per account and to manage all orders with the EA.

    Also add prints in the code to see if it is well readen in live mode.

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EA execution problems in live trading