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    Quote Originally Posted by fxrobot View Post
    I've been backtesting VForce v1.1, and I've noticed quite a lot of errors showing up in the Journal. These are some of the errors I am seeing:

    2009.07.17 20:37:54 TestGenerator: unmatched data error (high value 1.3206 at 2009.03.31 02:00 is not reached from the least timeframe, high price 1.3190 mismatches)

    2009.07.17 20:38:12 2008.07.28 07:00 vForce Like EA v1.1 EURUSD,H1: OrderSend error 130

    2009.07.17 20:40:10 2009.03.23 05:00 vForce Like EA v1.1 EURUSD,H1: OrderSend error 4107

    Does anyone have any idea why these are showing up? Has anyone managed to add code to correct these errors? I believe I've found a good reference site for this, so I thought I would try it out. But if someone has corrected these errors, please let me know.

    I'm trying to find the best available version of VForce Like EA and the correct settings file. When I finally get these, I'll let everyone know of my results.

    i have been getting a lot of 4107 errors too. to me its a bit of a newer problem, i dont recall that many of them until more recent times.

    i am led to believe this is a data error. why it is occurring now and not before, and what to do to fix it im not sure.

    i would love to know though, as its causing problems in a lot of my backtests.

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    Default Thanks for the EA fix

    Quote Originally Posted by RConcu View Post
    Hi Maxim, hi funyoo,

    great work, great EA. I like it.

    i found the reason why the EA does no short orders.

    Put in the code in red:

    int openSellOrder( int barIndex )
    double stopLoss = calculateSellStopLoss( barIndex ),
    takeProfit = calculateSellTakeProfit( barIndex ),
    // The order size of both orders
    // order1Size
    order1Size = g_order1Size,
    // order2Size
    order2Size = g_order2Size;

    .... }

    cu Robbi

    Thanks for the EA fix


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    Hi at all!

    Anyone has tried this Ea in a rela account?
    Is it profitable?


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    Default vForceLikeEAv1.1

    Quote Originally Posted by Michaelhryu View Post
    Do you mean you manged to fix the EA thru rewriting codes? Did you otherwise fix the EA's shortcomings thru using your set file? Please clarify on this. If you revised the EA, please post it here. I would appreciate!
    Its only the "StoM<StoS" fix corrected in the sell tests, about halfway down the code.

    ((OnlyAtStochSignal==false && StoM>StoS) || (OnlyAtStochSignal && StoMa<StoSa && StoM>StoS ))
    && ((OnlyAtRSISignal==false && RSI>RSILevel) || (OnlyAtRSISignal && RSIa<RSILevel && RSI>RSILevel ))
    && ((OnlyAtADXSignal==false && ADXP>ADXM) || (OnlyAtADXSignal && ADXPa<ADXMa && ADXP>ADXM ))
    && ((OnlyAtBearsSignal==false && Bears>0) || (OnlyAtBearsSignal && Bearsa<0 && Bears>0 ))
    && ((OnlyAtBullsSignal==false && Bulls>0) || (OnlyAtBullsSignal && Bullsa<0 && Bulls>0 ))
    && ((OnlyAtMacdSignal==false && MacdM>MacdS) || (OnlyAtMacdSignal && MacdMa<MacdSa && MacdM>MacdS ))
    && ((OnlyAtROCSignal==false && ROC>0) || (OnlyAtROCSignal && ROCa<0 && ROC>0 ))
    && ((OnlyAtBBSignal==false && Close[i]>BBands) || (OnlyAtBBSignal && Close[i+1]<BBandsa && Close[i]>BBands ))
    ((OnlyAtStochSignal==false && StoM<StoS) || (OnlyAtStochSignal && StoMa>StoSa && StoM<StoS )) // fixed 1st ">" to "<"
    && ((OnlyAtRSISignal==false && RSI<RSILevel) || (OnlyAtRSISignal && RSIa>RSILevel && RSI<RSILevel ))
    && ((OnlyAtADXSignal==false && ADXP<ADXM) || (OnlyAtADXSignal && ADXPa>ADXMa && ADXP<ADXM ))
    && ((OnlyAtBearsSignal==false && Bears<0) || (OnlyAtBearsSignal && Bearsa>0 && Bears<0 ))
    && ((OnlyAtBullsSignal==false && Bulls<0) || (OnlyAtBullsSignal && Bullsa>0 && Bulls<0 ))
    && ((OnlyAtMacdSignal==false && MacdM<MacdS) || (OnlyAtMacdSignal && MacdMa>MacdSa && MacdM<MacdS ))
    && ((OnlyAtROCSignal==false && ROC<0) || (OnlyAtROCSignal && ROCa>0 && ROC<0 ))
    && ((OnlyAtBBSignal==false && Close[i]<BBands) || (OnlyAtBBSignal && Close[i+1]>BBandsa && Close[i]<BBands ))

    The same little piece as funyoo originally fixed in his v202.

    cheers bt2

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    Am new to the thread and have just been looking through quickly. I want to try the ea but am not sure which version etc. to dl... am testing with demo alpari UK account, so 5 digits.

    From backtests etc. ea looks really great. Keep up the good work!!!

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    Is there a version that works on 5digit brokers?!?!

    I have tried nearly every one here and I get order send error EVERY time.

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    Default Last version

    I have found different version of this EA in different threads? Can someone link me to the latest one with the correct settings and time frame?


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    Do anyone know how to reverse Vforce v1.1?

    Meaning 'buy' change to 'sell' and 'sell' change to 'buy'?

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    Default OrderSend error 4107 Problem


    I hope you are still reading this thread....I have a MQL4 question to ask. I am trying to understand the reason behind the "OrderSend error 4107 problem I keep having with back tests on FXDD platform:

    2009.05.22 10:00 vForce Like EA v1.1 EURUSD,M15: OrderSend error 4107
    2009.05.22 10:00 vForce Like EA v1.1 EURUSD,M15: invalid price 1.39803000 for OrderSend function
    If you notice, the price value (1.39803000) is not valid; it appears to have too many decimal places. FXDD (and other brokers I'm sure) list the price for the EURUSD like this: 1.4170 I believe this is the source of the OrderSend error problem.

    So, to try to correct is, I'm trying to understand the code that is used to generate the buy and sell orders in Vforce Like EA v1.1:

    Can you explain to me this function or point me to where I can get more information? I believe there needs to be a rounding function for this section of code:

    Is this correct, or am I looking in the wrong place?

    btw, I see this problem show up for all versions of VForce Like EA at different TF, so it's a universal problem.

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    There are a few things you should read that will help you decide how to best understand and work around the extra zeros.... Go to mql4.com , the forums , and seach invalid price. You will find your answer there...Good Luck Bill

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