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Thread: Uposi Tro Rate Zone EA

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    Default Uposi Tro Rate Zone EA

    Entry on uposi arrows, exit on tro rat zone.

    Condition : the distance between the price and the target has to be bigger than the spread.

    Important : To make this EA work, you have first to add the attached template to the chart (tro rat zone new is buggy, the indexes call is not working correctly).

    Initial balance : 10000.
    MM : disabled.

    EU H1. Since 2007.

    Total net profit : 2063.00%
    RDD : 1.24%

    Note : the results in forward mode will be probably different as the tro rat zone indicator is not working properly in backtesting mode. New conditions have to be added (work in progress).

    Download : Uposi Tro Rate Zone EA (available in the Elite section).
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