Taichi DeMarker EA
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Thread: Taichi DeMarker EA

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    Does not work on the FXDD
    Any Ideas?

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    thank you very much

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    Hi funyoo. Could you help me write EA buy when prices hit bottom near the charts and sell when price touches on charts close, or not.
    It is possible to on the time frame, have the option of putting takeprofit, stoploss ...
    I have difficulty in writing this and appreciate your help. (Sorry for bad english proficiency)

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    Hi everybody,

    i've tried to compile the EA with Mt4 build 902 but i've had 34 Warnings, does anybody has corrected the code for new mt4 build ?


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    Hi Matdu13,

    You need to compile it with an ancient MQL Editor version to get a working ex4 file.

    Here is a link to the 509 build version :


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Taichi DeMarker EA