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Thread: Gobbledegook to me, but I'm learning, except......

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    Default Gobbledegook to me, but I'm learning, except......

    Hello there,

    Looked at .set files & see references to MACD, RSI and others.

    Does this mean I need to attach these indicators to the chart & set their parameters?

    Been struggling most of the day to get EA to work.

    Any guidence really appreciated


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    You should never need to attach anything to a chart to make an EA work unless the EA code contains a line saying ObjectGet() or ObjectGetsomething(). You would then need to know a little about what the object is.

    If your EA contains lines referring to indicators such as iMA(...... or iRSI(...... then this is nothing to worry about as they are standard indicators included with MT4.

    If your EA contains a line saying iCustom(....... then it is important that you have the specific indicator which is referenced in this line saved in your experts\indicators folder. The indicator just needs to be present in the folder and doesn't need to be attached to a chart.

    It is also important that the syntax of the indicator file name matches exactly. For example, if iCustom referred to "My_Special_Indicator" and the indicator in your folder was called maybe "MySpecialIndicator", then the EA wouldn't work.

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