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    Default GG-RiverFlow EA

    An expert advisor based on the GG-RiverFlow indicator.

    If all the cases are green, we buy.

    If all the cases are red, we sell.

    extern bool useperiodm1=true;
    extern int minnbofcasem1=10;
    extern bool useperiodm5=true;
    extern int minnbofcasem5=10;
    extern bool useperiodm15=true;
    extern int minnbofcasem15=10;
    extern bool useperiodm30=true;
    extern int minnbofcasem30=10;
    extern bool useperiodh1=true;
    extern int minnbofcaseh1=10;
    extern bool useperiodh4=true;
    extern int minnbofcaseh4=10;
    extern bool useperiodd1=true;
    extern int minnbofcased1=10;
    You can enable/disable the different timeframes, and you can set the minimum number (between 0-10) of cases required for each timeframe.
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GG-RiverFlow EA