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    I know about the deadly martingale but what I am saying is that you never had martingale that double the size of the loosing sequance.
    I think that if Funyoo will code it we will know if it is visible. and if yes, you can use it as an option on any EA.
    If you look at the report of Heiken Ashi EA he got to trade with 23.68 lots which is very poor risk reword.
    If you had the hedge in between you had only 1.6 or 3.2 lots
    BTW I think that 20% monthly is not realistic.
    I shoot to 100% yearly with low risk and I am almost there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by izak View Post
    Hi Funyoo
    When I ran this EA with one position to open and martingale I get nice equity curve but also get 9 consecutive losses that can increase to 10 or more
    I am thinking about mechanism to reduce consecutive losses by 2 if second position will be hedged.
    Example: 0.1,0.1with hedge,0.2,0.1 with Hedge,0.4,0.1 with hedge,0.8,0.1 with hedge,1.6,0.1 with hedge,3.2,0.1with hedge,6.4
    and even more positions in the sequence if the multiplier is smaller then 2.
    The profit will be lower but the risk will be minimal close to "0".
    Attach graph for 1.7 multilayer GBP/USD 1H from 01/01/09 till 06/30/09 SL 50 TP 100
    If you want to put second line of defense you can create a recovery system that will give the trader an option to reduce the TP value after "X" positions.
    Can you look in to it and see if it make sense and can be coded
    and if it works you can add option to open new position every time that position close with the direction of the EMA to compensate the money lost on the hedged positions.
    Hi izak,

    It is not clear to me,

    We limit the orders to 3, the first position, the second and the hedge orders ? What are the exit rules for the hedge ?

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