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Thread: X-1 Macd Wave EA

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    Thanks a lot Funyoo,

    Could you make buy/sell limit like hidden sl or tp? My broker does not allow buy/sell limit with lower than 5 pips. And when we have tp at 13 pips a 2 pip increase means more than 10% icrease in potential profit. I also modified expiration for the buy/sell limit as external otherwise the order are opened indefinitely.

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    This is pretty interesting logic. I've been doing some back testing and looking solution to limit the draw downs.

    EA takes a trade when MACD turns after consecutive up/down bars. Sotimes losses appear when trend momentum is very strong and we dont get sufficient pull back to take profit. We could try to use BB-MACD to identify the the pull back momentum (I suppose no need to use BB-MACD indicator if we calculate standard deviation directly from MACD indi). In other words instead of just looking for MACd chanage of direction, we would look athe momentum on that change to be sufficient. And if we see still strong momentum toward the trends direction we would pass those trades.

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    Default need basket profit and martingale

    Having a great time with your X1 Macd deal.

    Your sets for 2009 are great. I have this running on my live account with only one change, I've lowered the TP to 4.

    Two questions, anway you could put a basket profit on here? I'd like to run it on 1 with a huge risk level.

    Second, can you stick your famous martingale on this ea? With so few loss trades, I'd set the martinale on a number high enough to even out after a loss trade!!
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    Might want to try this instead to get past multiple news reports:

    extern string DoNotTradeFrom1 = "2007.01.20 08:30";
    extern string DoNotTradeTo1 = "2007.01.20 08:30";
    extern string DoNotTradeFrom2 = "2007.01.20 08:30";
    extern string DoNotTradeTo2 = "2007.01.20 08:30";
    extern string DoNotTradeFrom3 = "2007.01.20 08:30";
    extern string DoNotTradeTo3 = "2007.01.20 08:30";

    if (TimeCurrent() >= StrToTime(DoNotTradeFrom1) && TimeCurrent() <= StrToTime(DoNotTradeTo1))return (0);
    if (TimeCurrent() >= StrToTime(DoNotTradeFrom2) && TimeCurrent() <= StrToTime(DoNotTradeTo2)) return (0);
    if (TimeCurrent() >= StrToTime(DoNotTradeFrom3) && TimeCurrent() <= StrToTime(DoNotTradeTo3)) return (0);


    int isBlackOut() {
    bool DoNoTrade = FALSE;
    if (TimeCurrent() >= StrToTime(DoNotTradeFrom1) && TimeCurrent() <= StrToTime(DoNotTradeTo1)) DoNoTrade = TRUE;
    if (TimeCurrent() >= StrToTime(DoNotTradeFrom2) && TimeCurrent() <= StrToTime(DoNotTradeTo2)) DoNoTrade = TRUE;
    if (TimeCurrent() >= StrToTime(DoNotTradeFrom3) && TimeCurrent() <= StrToTime(DoNotTradeTo3)) DoNoTrade = TRUE;
    return (DoNoTrade);

    if (!isBlackOut() && variable to open trade)
    = OrderSend(Symbol(), OP_BUY, etc


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    Pheonix, interesting, do you know how to put a basket profit or 'hide TP' on the EA?

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    Default order send erro 4107

    Hi Funyoo,
    Can jou help me?

    I trade thru FXOpen so lotdigits 1 - 0.1 minilot - 0.1 lots.

    Still i get 4107 errors.

    2010.03.27 18:55:01 2009.10.30 21:15 X-1 Macd Wave EA EURUSD,M5: invalid price 1.47246000 for OrderSend function
    2010.03.27 18:55:01 2009.10.30 21:15 X-1 Macd Wave EA EURUSD,M5: OrderSend error 4107

    2010.03.27 18:55:01 2009.11.02 17:45 X-1 Macd Wave EA EURUSD,M5: invalid price 1.48302000 for OrderSend function
    2010.03.27 18:55:01 2009.11.02 17:45 X-1 Macd Wave EA EURUSD,M5: OrderSend error 4107

    Not all trades ar with errors, so not sure whats wrong?

    Also with the riks 1.85 it keeps the lots at 0.10 all the way?

    2009.01.02 07:59 t/p 1 0.10 1.3868 1.3738 1.3868 9.00 5009.00

    Thanx for your help!
    Greetings Dave

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    Funy!!!!!! You are my hero man, I'm loving this simple EA!!

    OK, I've traded this one live for a couple of weeks, really works great, a couple of ideas which we might use to tweak a bit. A lot here, but really two simple ideas I’d like to share with the group.

    First, why an immediate buy with this EA? Some logic here, so stick with me. The EA is currently placing an immediate trade (buy or sell) based on MACD. With most of our brokers we are giving 3 pips on the trade. This is fine most of the time, but other times, when the market is really moving in one direction, MACD is kind of irrelevant in that the over or under sold orders do not mean that price is over or under sold in one direction, it means that it is TANKING in one direction. And the immediate sell or buy is just left hanging there on some big slope. Suggestion? Use a Buy or Close stop. In the case of a buy, place a buy stop 4 points above the current price (the closest you can place stops). If the Market does a fast turn, which it normally does, your order kicks in and you make the normal trade, giving up one pip on the deal (just set your TP one pip lower). If the market does not swing, the order never trips, and you are way better off. Let the standing order expire after an hour or so, since MACD stuff is not used for historic al buy levels. Make sense? I’ll I know is that in 2 weeks this has missed on 3 trades for me in a row, with a buy or sell stop they would never have gone through and would have expired harmlessly. All my other trades would have hit just as they did.

    Secondly, not just associated with this EA --- “The Neutralizer”. When a bad trade does go through, and you are left hanging on the slope, why the SL? Why?? Why give up 121 pips so easily? Man, we need to fight to give it up. Why not have the EA place a trade in the other direction with the same lot size, call this trade the neutralizer. The neutralizer will balance the loss in the other direction, so instead of losing 121 pips, your simply stay at -121, with another trade moving in the other direction. The idea of the neutralizer is never to make money, but to keep your negative balance manageable and keep you from busting your account. A neutralizer needs a SL of its own, something small, 3, 5, or 10. The price can bounce up and down around your 121 pip loss line and you are only giving up 3, 5 or 10 each time it kicks in. You need that SL, you do not want it too small or you might sell to fast, then miss it if it moves right past -121. Look at the market, is the price going to move up and down around your neutralizer 10X prior to returning to your original trade and closing out in profit?? I doubt it. You might lose 9, or 12, or 15 pips, but a ton better than just turning over 121.

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    Hi daxc,

    You mean a hidden limit level ?

    Hi hunter6,

    Basketpercent, martingale, stoporders added.

    Template updated.

    Hi davefransman,

    Try the new version.

    EU M5. Since 2009.

    Total net profit : 499.74%
    RDD : 29.23%
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    Default great stuff

    Man you are fast. It is like you had it already done.

    OK, Funy, you always max profit, I always max win percentage, but this time we met on about the same result only I've not updated my history, so this test is two months shorter.

    thanks, I like it much better now!

    In regards to the neutralizer, obviously we do not need it on an EA with ‘close on opposite’.
    But for my manual trading, it would be AWESOME! I’d not have to worry about blown trades, just put ‘Neutralizer EA’ on the chart, when the blown trade reaches -121 (or -200) like I’d use, the EA would kick in.
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    Funyoo is it safe to assume all your eas are ecn compatible? I like to test eas on the same broker i use live which is Go markets. Thanks
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