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Thread: PerceptronOscill_v1 EA

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    Using v102 with the TF-enabled set file, it is MUCH improved!

    Data: Alpari UK
    Year: 2009
    Profit: 8779.66%
    RDD: 26.55%

    That's impressive. I'm thinking this one is ready for a little real money testing.

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    good luck with it .

    don't forget that i put risk to 15%. So that is maybe a bit strong. If i were you i didn't put more than 2 or 5% you will get less profit but you will reduce also the drawdown especialy if the ea encouter a bad market. With the parameters in the 1.02 set file 3 loosing trade in a row will blow half of your account. So please musicman reduce the risk value before going for real

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    Thanks for the concern! I also get nervous when anyone trades on my work.

    Not to worry -- I turned the money management off and set the lots 0.01. That way, it may lose a few bucks, but I will have plenty of time to cut and run. Only after it seems to be winning will I start turning up the heat.

    Anyway, it's a great piece of work and I am grateful for everyone's contribution, win, lose or draw.


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    Your right great thanks to funyoo for his hard work, i'm sure there will be others like this one...

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    yeah funyoo, the results look good...can u pls add martingale? thanks.

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    FWIW, I have not lost my shirt yet.

    Actually, it has only made 1 trade in 2 days and that was when I first activated it. That trade went a bit oddly, as it immediately hit a TP for $0.16 loss. I am not sure why it did that... the trade would have been a winner.

    I'm still going to leave it up for now... no errors are being reported, but it just isn't trading.

    On the time filter, is this bot one of these that only likes sideways markets? I'm tempted to turn off the time filters to see if I can get some trading data.


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    i don't know. there is also a trend filter. EMA8 and EMA2. and you should also look to the filter tf maybe set on 60 or 15. i don't remember. In bacteskt executed 400 trades in one year so it's 2 a day but it's an average. Maybe you are in the Ea slowing side of the statistics. I also have good results in backtesting on UJ. but optimization have not ended yet. will post next week

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    Well, I am now officially in the green with this bot -- it traded again this morning, again getting out almost immediately, but for a win of $0.26, recouping the 16 cent loss, plus a dime of profit.

    I still don't get the TP actions, as the settings don't seem to say that too me.


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    i think there is no take profit in it only tstop and breakeven and close on opposite signal. but only funyoo can confirm as i didn't study it in depth.

    i also love green. hope it will last long

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    Attention shift=0 gives false signal. With shift=1 it loses.

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