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    Talking FXMA ShuangJian eurchf


    What do you think about this EA?

    It works well on eurchf h1;
    I think it can also works in others pairs; If someone want to optimize it in others pairs is welcome!

    FXMA ShuangJian eurchf h1.mq4

    added backtest from 2000:
    FXMA ShuangJian eur chf.rar
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    only worked on 2009...

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    Quote Originally Posted by civfan View Post
    only worked on 2009...
    On my test it works from 2001;

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    I tested in 2008 and with 0.1 lots. Can you add a mm function?

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    Has to much draw down for my liking, is this your EA or from another site?

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackdog View Post
    Has to much draw down for my liking, is this your EA or from another site?
    backtest added

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FXMA ShuangJian eurchf