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    We apply a first strategy :

    Buy/sell on price and MA1 cross, with stoploss1, takeprofit1.

    If the strategy is losing on the last x1 trades, we switch to strategy2 :

    Buy/sell on price and MA2 cross, with stoploss2, takeprofit2.

    If the strategy is losing on the last x2 trades, we switch to strategy3 :

    Buy/sell on price and MA3 cross, with stoploss3, takeprofit3.

    If the strategy is losing on the last x3 trades, we switch to strategy4 :

    Buy/sell on price and MA3 cross, with stoploss3, takeprofit3.

    If the strategy is losing on the last x4 trades, we apply again strategy1, etc...

    The goal is to work with the best strategy for the current market conditions.

    EU M15. Since 2000.

    Total net profit : 38075.26%
    RDD : 31.04%
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    Great switch idea Funyoo.

    I replied earlyer to this Switch Strategy but some member-posts to this topic were lost. Anyways, i'l try to repeat my post.

    This switch principle could have massive potential and it would be great to have input from other traders so we can bundle our experience to create an even greater EA from this switch principle:

    Funyoo made a good "example" EA with 4 simple strategies in it. This example contains strategies based on moving averages but in stead of using 4 movingaverage-strategies we can use 4 complete different strategies (4 different EA's) where each EA works best at a certain market, like an EA for trending Market, an EA for choppy Market, swing, scalp, etc, so it can overlap (survive) most market circumstances.

    So how about sharing our best EA experience (forward test/live trading, preferrable with .set file, symbol and timeframe) and try to categorize to which market circumstances the EA performs best?

    If we have enough EA's categorized then Funyoo can code them into the Switch EA.

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    I recommend:

    RSI Expert M1 as the scalper

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    I have pretty good results with xbars-ma-scalper EU M5 with this set.

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